Char - Feast of the blind

The second book set in the city of Char.
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Credits: Artwork by Chim, font “Angryblue” from Angryblue. Written by Yan “Kern” Gagné, with audio mixing by Edwyn Tiong. It features Edwyn Tiong as the narrator, Melissa D. Johnson as Spirit eater and Phillip sacramento as Hyrann. Musics by Jorma Poyer and sound effects from


4 Responses to Audiobook : Char – Feast of the blind

  1. This is the best one yet!! the voice acting.. oh my lord… awesome!! way to go, team drowtales!! *foam*


  2. DasHenne says:

    Absolutly loved it.

    I think especially that you got exactly the right person for narrating the audiobooks. It is really nice to listen to his voice.

  3. Suntiger says:

    Very nice! At first I was annoyed at the voice used for Spirit Eater. It was well done, but appeared to be made evil-sounding for no particular reason.
    When her appearance was described again though, it came back to me how different the xuile’solen really are from the regular drow and that the voice does makes sense in that context. The use of tounge for tasting, perhaps also unused to use regular speech when they communicate with so many different senses…

    It was highly enjoyable to listen too and all the voice actors did a good job.
    With so much speech being made by the narrator, it’s good to have such a soothing voice as Edwyn’s as it doesn’t get grating after a while.
    Some audiobooks I’ve heard have had that problem, though they are few.
    Phil made a good portrait of Hyrann and Melissa’s creepy voice was the icing on the cake. It’s all the more creepy when you realize that the ‘monster’ isn’t exactly a monster at all and clearly quite intelligent.

  4. xitro says:

    waw very nice done.
    i love to see more audiobooks anyday