First, Daydream has a new Space age background. Because the naga one felt quite repetitive by now. We need more to cycles in the months to come.

Second, Concept art for Auroradragonkya. Part of the contest prizes drawn several months ago.

Third, sleep is awesome. I need experience it now.


10 Responses to 3 things

  1. LordPanther says:

    Quick somebody give me an idea for a Daydream Background

  2. partner555 says:

    I thought the guy was a girl a first. Once again, I fell into a trap.

  3. Synathra says:

    Ooh, he looks sweet! *grins* Yes, sleep is good and there’s an awesome place to do that right over here in my tent, cute Illhar’dro! :-D

    • Greenwood Goat says:

      Hence his boundless optimism, I think! A shadow army of fans can shield one against all kinds of injury and misfortune…

      Kharla’ggen (addressing full muster of Vloz’ress forces): People! It has been brought to our attention that our scourge Gor’bag did hit cute Illhar’dro boy Trillune and bruise his pretty face. We are… ANGRY!!! WE ARE FURIOUS!!!!

      Gor’bag: *AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA x 35 minutes*

      Kharla’ggen: Now, don’t do it again!

      Kuso (sweating): We dodged a bolt there, old buddy!

      Baliir (squirming): *nods*

      Earlier, elsewhere…

      Gor’bag: Get off me, you dumb fan- *ack* You’ll regret crossing the Vloz- *runs away*

      Healer Fangirl: *takes away hand, holds up small mirror* There! All pretty again!

      Trillune: *beams* Thank you! You’re so very kind!

      Healer Fangirl: *squeeee* ^u^


      • AuroraDragonKaya says:

        That…. is pretty much about what Trillune’s reaction would be, actually. XD
        He loves making friends! <3

  4. H'K'Maly says:

    Waaaaait – is that canonical confirmation that males can’t be summoners? That explanation sounded interestingly close to the reason why males aren’t as good in Jaal biotechnology …

  5. AuroraDragonKaya says:

    I’m late to the party again, but… I have to say again, this is perfect! :) I love it Kern, thank you so much!
    Now I really need to get a cameo! >:3