Pink panty adult edition for Ikaika. Of his ssu streaking naked across the kyorl district, farting. Not all adult pink panties will be that silly but that one was meant to be crazy.

Kalki’s punishement. Drawn by Thalar during the last livestream.

And a little project i’ve done over the week end; Building a furniture to contain the ever expending game collection. In this case it’s 8 feet tall and can contain 500 Nes/genesis/sega master games in boxes.


4 Responses to Because farting increase velocity

  1. Ikaika Kekai says:

    Well, farting would piss Kyorls off, and Che has done much more disgusting things to piss them off…*approves*

  2. Beau Barbare says:

    I love her pink rope and the bow on her vag! Thats a great place for a pink bow! x3

  3. Dice Warwick says:

    Well it seems crazy enough for him to do,

  4. Greenwood Goat says:

    Hmmm, I’d want to be very sure that Kalki wasn’t secretly enjoying that…