We’ve set ourselves a goal. If we can do 1 page a day until saturday, we’re taking next monday off. It’ll do us good, i’ve yet to have a week end off this year. So, yes, we’re full of determination for that day off!
She says she like the person’s face. The mad seamstress is Die’tra vloz alter ego. Probably dietra rode a mist whale into a space time distortion, lost sanity, fell into the vloz’ress and began cutting dresses from everyone. The infinity turtles were drunk that day. It all make sense i swear.

I forgot to put up two feral concept by Darkvolt last week. Here they are. These are partial concepts as they are gifts to the two players.

And this very interesting turn of event on the week end page by Oroche:


7 Responses to seamstress, bitey shinae

  1. Synathra says:

    Well Snadhya’s next move WAS to call forth Shinae’s seed. Maybe she should have thought that one through a bit more…

  2. Jaibyrd says:

    I just noticed the little hearts at the center of her eyes, heh. :D

  3. Sionyx says:

    Or maybe Die’tra’s figured out a way to remove the taint at will and is moonlighting at the Vloz! We must investigate this…

  4. partner555 says:

    Goal progress: So far, so good, keep it up! :)

  5. Hfar says:

    Shinae was just hungry for some chi’kan fingers and settled for what was closest.