Forgive the poor recording quality and the difficult beginning. After 2 lost podcast, i didn’t want to take any risk so we all recorded on our own computers, with 2 different software. One out of 3 recorded correctly, the one from Madea’s side.

Today we’ve talk about the Nal’sarkoth, though the topic often deviated to their competitor : the highland raiders.


8 Responses to Drowtales podcast : Nal’sarkoth

  1. DarkVolt says:

    Hehehe, I have something to draw now. XD
    Love it. good info and funny as always. I missed the podcasts ;__;
    And YAY! Finally the Nal’sarkoth! =D

  2. Picanet says:

    Tavern Raiders – sweet sharess and retired worker meat, I think I know what my dream job is lol.
    This was a blast to listen to guys – now I have to go catch up on the other ones >.<

  3. Alric says:

    Ya know, I was thinking that the Highland Raiders would be viewed by humans like the Wendol were viewed in the movie The 13th Warrior, or at least like groups such as the Huns and Mongols were viewed as by their victims. Perhaps some humans even worship drow/elves as gods…(one can easily imagine a savvy Highland Raider extorting a bunch of saps by claiming to be a deity and demanding sacrifice).

  4. Insanity says:

    What?? Thalar is in Norway? My aunt lives there but that’s beside the point.

  5. Koneko says:

    LOLZ, trippinberry.

    You guys are hilarious.

  6. Roses Ablaze says:

    It plays super-fast for me. What’s wrong?

  7. kern says:

    If you have problems with the player, then download the mp3 and play it with your usual mp3 player. If you have problem with that too…

  8. Brosis says:

    My harddrive crashed when I tried to listen to this one :/