Stream is now over. Today has indeed turned out to be productive! With the notable event that both of us were featured on the front page of justin tv at the same time.
Concept art for tsuris
Pink panty for Synathra but tsuris’ zannah snuck in there too. Today was a tsurisday
Two sketches by Darkvolt based on audience suggestions. mega fat cat idea come from Kite wanting the fat cat in the videogames artworks done for the twitch channel. The idea wasn’t kept but darkvolt brought it to life in all it’s fatty glory.
And concept art for Soulcode by darkvolt. Very cute!
Saturday stream is at 1hPM east time zone.
Today i will tackle Tsuris’ concept art. and one pinky panty from the audience. There may or may not be a fat cat inserted somewhere.

I’ve tackled some tumblr questions this morning. it was fun.
and made animated version of both

Also a Diva fanart from Oroshe!
I’ve the feeling today will be a busy day.


18 Responses to Farting infinity rainbow

  1. Moat says:

    The rainbow-farting turtle is fun.

    On the “problem” of the friend-demon (is it Njack or Sindas?): Well, “shit” just happens, sometimes. ;)

  2. Tsuris says:

    said it on DA but will say it again here, Franky looks really great kern thanks again!

    • partner555 says:

      How well does she get on with half bloods like my own Balvhakara, Gera?

      • Tsuris says:

        She would think he was alright but would be a little insistent she let him replace something on his body with a golem limb or two to compensate for his inferior heritage. She thinks ssu and commoners are naturally weaker and lazier then lath of clan stock but she does want to help them out! she just has an “unusual” way of doing things.

    • Adachi_Ame says:

      So in a sense she is like Winry when looking at automail. XD

      Also Ada’chi would be an interesting contrast. Though that is just me.

      • Tsuris says:

        if by contrast you mean contributor to the advancement of scientific research then sure!

        • Adachi_Ame says:

          Well not really, I meant that Ada’chi being Ssu. XD I’m currently investigating the potential in water affinity currently. -3-;

          • Tsuris says:

            See he can totally contribute to the advancement of SCIENCE!!!! Franky could use the practice of replacing limbs! 8D Left arm left leg right leg or right arm? oooh or maybe we could go lower left leg and experiment on just a shoulder, so many choices!

  3. FoxFeather says:

    For those who missed it during the livestream, Cat!Kiel is now over a year old, AND she has a little brother: Loki! If you want to see the adorableness:

  4. AuroraDragonKaya says:

    I miss every stream! :( I tend to work saturdays so its probably not surprising. THat, and the timezone difference.

    By the way, Kern, did Trill’unes concept ever get finisheD? :) (I keep hoping to get a cameo for him, but they go so fast….)

    • Kern says:

      Hello Auroradragonkya. I’m glad to hear from you. i’ve never received a reply from you regarding your concept sketch. MOnths went by and we assumed you had gone. Please email me with your review of the concept and i’ll get back on it asap!

      • AuroraDragonKaya says:

        Oops! Sorry! I checked the forums, but didn’t think to look for an email. (I tend to be more of a quiet browser.)
        I’ll look right away! Thank you so much! :)

  5. Hfar says:

    It takes a gutsy feral to stay calm even when wet.

    • Greenwood Goat says:

      Some house cats actually like water. I wonder how ferals would react to that sort of thing?

      – “I saw your son at the riverbank, pawing at the water.”

      – “Is this true, my kitten? Look, I know it feels interesting, the way it’s there but not there, but next thing you’ll be swishing your whole arm through it, and then your tail, and then you’ll be kicking your legs in it and wondering what it’s like to wade through… *sees other ferals staring* –or so I hear! Right, we’re going to the No More Lost, and you can roll around and paw at the shinies for a bit – that’ll sort you out!”

      Or might it be regarded as useful, and equal but different, but also uncomfortable?

      – “Help! I’ve just dropped my fishing pole in the river! Would you…”

      – “Dive in and get it? Sure! Where is it?”

      – “In the middle! Don’t make me watch you go in!” *shudder*

      And then again, maybe ferals are just like humans, who don’t tend to like getting wet either… >:=)>

      • Hfar says:

        I like to imagine it’s the second one and that short haired ferals don’t have as big a problem since they don’t have to wait as long to dry.

  6. Greenwood Goat says:

    PinkPanty!Synathra certainly looks happy with the change, and the opportunities it provides. Why do I keep thinking that in some out-of-the-way cavern a group of figures are nervously circling their dawmeres and muttering “Another one?! Sharess preserve our sweet, unmolested butts!”

    Butt-Fan (popping up in their midst): But Sharess only helps those who help themselves. So guess what I’m going to do…

    Others: *shriek*

    (Please substitute your favourite butt-fan as desired! >:=)

    Now move aside Nyan Cat, here comes Infinity Turtle! There must be a game concept in there somewhere, either flying your Infinity Turtle, or stacking Infinity Turtles, or both!

    • Synathra says:

      Zala’ess: And just WHY should I be concerned about cultist bums?

      Scout: No no, they’re Bum Cultists! We must flee from here before they… we’re too late!

      Synathra: Go forth and touch them all! Your High Priest commands it! Leave the cute one for me… >:-)

      Now that would be the ultimate game. 100 levels? Pweh! You cannot get to the end of THIS game because the turtles are INFINITE!!! :-D

      • H'K'Maly says:

        Creating infinite game is easy. In fact, it’s much easier that making game with good ending.