No news post update yesterday, however the pages are on time, yay! Though Kite computer broke and she’s spending most of the day fixing it meaning tonight page will be late, nay…

Pink panties Niarsuru, often mistaken for a girl, for Hfar.

Mel’arnach in sarghress gear fanart by Mooncrafter.

And sunday i worked on some new graphics for the twitch tv channel.
the cat was supposed to be animated but it came out quite badly. Maybe Kite will give it a try for friday’s stream. She’s certainly inspired. Now i’ve also ordered a video capture card to avoid having to use emulators from now on. I just hope it arrive for friday!


5 Responses to Pink panty, flying cat , sarghress mel

  1. Moatl says:

    Mel looking like Quain?
    This must be old millenia…

  2. Pariel says:

    It’s (pink) Bandage (Wo)Man! Dun dun duuun!

  3. Hfar says:

    Niar will fight to become the champion of Street Fighter but will not partake in any of your DOA Xtreme Beach Volleyball shenanigans. XD

    Looks great Kern! Cute and funny as always!