Will start in about 1 hour from this announcement. The artwork production is pre-recorded, last 1h30 and should be enough time for me to beat that game(or not! First time playing with a chatroom).

To watch and chat during the let’s play, drop by my new channel the gaming artist. Let’s have a great friday evening with retro-gaming!

Session complete!

Watch live video from gaming_artist on TwitchTV
1:30 in lenght. However i could not beat the final level! The suggestion for next time are:

metal slug
faster than light
mega man x
earthworm jim
sonic the hedgehod
road rash
legend of zelda nes
severance blade of darkness
diablo 2
final fantasy 6

I’m also keeping in mind Rune’s suggestion from the skype group : dark souls. I,d like to go through either games again. First i would need a capture card to ensure a lag free recording. For next week , none of the games above are resources intensive so we’ll be fine. If you were not on the stream today and you have a particular interest in any of the game above, please let me know through a comment.


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  1. Jaibyrd says:

    I love Megaman X. I even drew a comic based on it during high school and college. Even posted part of it online… oh what a glorious mess it was… I posted it here on my Weirdo Zone site in all of it’s terrible (really cringe-worthy) glory…