The two first version done with Madea and tranquil were lost. So here is take 3, done quicker, with less side talk, with just me and Kite.

This podcast feature a discussion regarding the dev’esses who appear in chapter 8 page 31. Who they are and what they do.


5 Responses to Drowtales podcast : Sarghress Dev’ess take 3

  1. Pitdragon says:

    I think the word for Sil’lice you meant was ‘exile’. For someone who flees and hides in another country to keep from being prosecuted or persecuted (depending on what you did or what the current regime believes) is typically referred to as in self-imposed exile. Sil’lice would be in self-imposed exile then. I wouldn’t imagine any of the Devesses know of her, or maybe only one or two at tops (like Quill’yate who isn’t around enough for the info to be used against them and is probably a confidant of Quain).

  2. Pitdragon says:

    Political asylum would be another possibility, but would be the condition where Sil’lice came to Quain and asked for protection while in exile. You ask for political asylum when you are in exile or a refugee. Usually more important political figures would be in exile though over being a refugee who was displaced for various reasons.

  3. Insanity says:

    Side tracking is a good source of humor so PLEASE don’t stay on topic too long

  4. RiskyRannis says:

    Maybe you could compare the drow city/empire (impossible for me to remember the spelling) as being something like the Holy Roman Empire. Kind of like a loose allaince of nations/kingdoms, but still compete with one another for power within the empire by means of political battles or warfare.

  5. Finish says:

    So the leaders so the Clan are a person who hates politic more than Quain, a woman who made herself almost blind, another woman with golem-limbs and a very old male. Interesting mix. ;)