A sweet Ariel and Faen artwork by Mau. But also sponsored by Lunareth. Thank you very much to the both of you. It’s one of the best picture i’ve seen of the couple. A shame i can’t print it for i’d get odd looks from the printing place employees!

Kite is at the moment working on finishing tuesday page. To help Starlitdragon stepped in to do the background scenes for the upcoming pages, bringing Kite a breather. Thank you very much Starlit. For now however there was still the issue that there is no updates and since many suggested the route of Chibies :
Not as polished as it could be but it’s up and done quickly enough to fill in for now! As soon as tuesday page is up i’ll replace the one in the archive. Page 35 has no background but lots of character. Page 36 is already painted by Starlit. 37 she’ll work on today. I need to get on 38 myself less i’m the one to fall behind @_@ yup busy week. Still looking forward to that friday livestreamthough!


3 Responses to ArielxFaen, Chibi, Starlit’s help

  1. Pitdragon says:

    Thanks Starlit! *hugs everyone*

    Love that little fire on Snadhya’s head.

  2. Trijanus says:

    chibis are alwys great, cant go wrong with them

  3. Moatl says:

    Faen definitely should learn how to swim. But beeing rescued by Ariel all the time instead has advantages, too, I must admit. :3