Kite is not doing well. 2 days of works and there’s not a single panel colored. She’s sorry for this and will be replacing the page as soon as it is colored.
Which bring me to ask. When such a thing happen, what do you prefer?
-Halt update till the coloring is done? Of course the consequence is people ask where the updates is, not everyone check the forums and news feed.
-Put the page unfinished like this?
-Put a chibi page up to fill in? Chibi pages doesn’t require kite’s coloring, i can make one by myself in 4 hours of work.
-Something else that you’ll describe below.
Thanks for the input.

Worked yesterday and today on finishing a commission set to private. Can’t show the whole thing, can’t tell the name. Now that this is done next will be the concept arts and pink panties! Speaking of which, i’ll go close the pink panties offer. Thanks to everyone who jumped in, you’ll start to see the results now.

Darkvolt has done the concept art for Ikaika of his feral.

Mau has done a very special picture of Ariel and Faen, i’ll be putting it up tomorrow!


13 Responses to Update issue, Naughty sillice part 2

  1. Pitdragon says:

    People will likely ask about the update regardless – either to beat around the bush for an unfinished one, or wonder why a chibi is up. To some degree, I’m fine with just getting it up when it gets up. But to help pad out, doing a chibi about something funny from the chapter (that you thought of while working on it, or someone mentioned otherwise), or a very short chibi explaining something setting-wise that was brought up recently that people seem to wonder about in the forums then that could work. My personal feeling would be to just get pages up when you can and throw up such a chibi just before the weekend break to keep the flow somewhat good for the story (and to pad things out a little in a non-disruptive way), but for situations like today if you had a little setting tidbit then that could work too.

    I know there are some things that we can’t find out about until they are introduced in story, but if there are points that we’ve all kind of talked a lot about and you wanted clarified then that would be a good way to insert a page with minimal break in the story flow.

    • Laurie (NerdyCanuck) says:

      I really like this idea. I’m sure people are super eager for setting tidbits. I know I am!

      I hope Kite gets better soon. It’s never fun being I’ll, especially with spring finally upon us.

  2. theslowblitz says:

    An uncoloured page would be great by itself. While the latest art has been absolutely stunning, the story by itself is enough to keep me going. And I’d rather have plot than chibi, to be honest, since you’ll have to spend extra time doing chibis if you them.

  3. Ikaika Kekai says:

    Hot chocolate mixed with orange juice for Kite! Or even cold chocolate mixed with orange juice. Also, BITEY!

  4. Kitalda says:

    Chibi-pages that explain the setting better sounds nice to me.

  5. AviCat says:

    Let kite het healthy! Do a cute chibi update telling people pages wont be up until Kite is feeling well again.

  6. Jaibyrd says:

    I hope she feels better soon!! My suggestion is to ask artists for fan art and post that, gives you both some breathing room as I see this used on other webcomics from time to time. Ask other webcomic artists for some art or the like while posting chibis to give them time? Be neat to see other’s renditions of our beloved characters.

  7. Sionyx says:

    I’d vote for chibi if you have the time to do it, but don’t run yourself ragged for this. Health is more important. It’s be nice to have a notification of late pages when they’re under large delay, but again, don’t push yourself so hard you run out your health!

  8. Sockbat Replica says:

    Quality over quantity I say. I personally don’t mind waiting for the next page to be uploaded even if it does take a day or two. (also don’t apologize Kite you two work hard on this and it is an excellent comic).

  9. smokehammer says:

    Maybe go with some Chibies holding up a technical difficulty sign and hold off on updates period until you have a bit of a buffer back -because chibies that take time out of your day are just more work on top of all the other stuff you already do. If you think zero updates for awhile are bad, then Id go with with the half done pages until you can think up another way to build buffer. Youre already producing them, and they can always be finished later (even if you skip finishing them altogether, for a very long time).

  10. Peredur says:

    Unfinished pages would be fine with me. For a second option I like Pitdragon’s suggestion of world setting tidbits. I am indifferent to the other options.