I’ve got the next daydream commission sketch done but that one is set to private.Naughty Sillice part 2

Speaking of naughty. The livestream will be at 2hPM, dual streamed with Lunareth. On my side there will be Quain’tana’s cucumber for Farex.
as for Luna, i’m sure it’ll involve much BUTT POWER.


4 Responses to stream

  1. NerdyCanuck says:

    I hope everyone has fun at today’s livestream! I’ll unfortunately be missing it and probably next weekend’s too. :(

    • CutieSquiggoth says:

      I’ll probably miss it also, being that it starts at 4am my local time, I hope to catch a livestream sometime soon, but not when they’re on at times like that.

  2. Siv'wilroz says:

    I can’t log in into the site. I forgot my password and the reset password link lead to a page with nothing on it. :(