kite did the cutest 16 bits chibi portraits.
Faen, Riz and Kaito.

Commission page for Gem. A continuation of his character’s backstory. Pushing further the coloring proccess on Sai and less on photoshop using what i learned during the first pink panties. Only the blur was done on photoshop.

More Baliir-ina by Master oki akai


5 Responses to Chibi, Zair page

  1. NerdyCanuck says:

    Ah those chibi portraits are adorable! I love the moving hair on Riz’s!

    Great job with the Gem commission page, BTW. The coloring is really striking on this one.

  2. KittyH says:

    Amazing background comic page. I hope we can see it all together when it is done.

  3. Siv'wilroz says:

    Is that guy getting it on with Faen canon? :P