Madea is back home after months of training and Tranquil joined us at the studio for a month. Because it has been an eternity since us 4 were gathered to record something together, we’ve recorded this conversation solely for the fun of it and not to discuss drowtales. So if you’d like a peak at some recent events involving members of studio drowtales, go ahead and listen but if you expect Drowtales world setting stuff, best skip that one.


7 Responses to Drowtales podcast : Misadventures

  1. Daefaron says:

    Pretty amusing podcast.

  2. Hellsion says:

    is madea god?

    that little echo effect makes me think so…

  3. DarkVolt says:

    Sorry, but it has been too long. ;__;

  4. Hellsion says:

    may I suggest a world setting-ish podcast for next time. ‘~’

  5. Najah says:

    Oh tell me about air-traffic problems. We went down to California this last May for my cousin’s wedding. Father had already gone down south because grandma broke her hip and was in the hospital. We come down when we had originally planned to arrive. In Seattle International Airport [At least it wasen’t Chicago International Airport *shivvers*] we were told our gate was E-12 . . or something, then . . someone comes over the intercoms, our flight has changed to C-11. So me and mom, with a shoulderbag full of electronics, rush down to C-11 to furthermore discover our gat had been ‘rechanged’ to E-12. We almost had another problem because a stewardess couldn’t pronounce things right. We got delayed in San-Jose on our way back, they’re doing a MAJOR revamp on the airport. The bus dropped us off a good walk from our terminal. We were delayed on ground for almost an hour and a half because we were waiting for ground crew to clear our luggage . . oh . . and the airconditioner was broken *sweat* . . yeah, I’m not leaving my house any time soon, well, at least not my city.

  6. Andreas says:

    Five Stars (*****) for Kite, and Madea is right the remake of the chapter eight is much better than the original. Go Sharen!!!

  7. Suntiger says:

    Dear gods Tranquil! Talk about travel troubles! XD