This is the Fourth Official Path to Power podcast, which discusses two ideas that will likely affect path to power in the near future: Elemental Foci and Subranks. Unfortunately, due to the fact that is a holiday weekend in the United States, most of the members were unavailable, so Madea apologizes for being the predominant speaker in this podcast. It is 38 minutes long.

The bonus podcast this week talks lightly about current events in the clan, and Miburo, Jaibyrd and Madea are joined by Kite for a few minutes of discussion. Come listen to Kite at a volume you’ll be able to hear her at!


2 Responses to Path to power podcast #4 Elemental Foci and Subranks

  1. Gnave says:

    As an outside party I would like to offer a recommendation or two. For the foci, how about having the crystals marked with specific patterns by master crafter, with extra little doo-dads coming out of it as more stylized patterns or handles and such. Then to complete the foci one already proficient in that elemental sorcery infuses that element into the foci. This combines the two different methods and seems to make sense, the carvings and such allow the element to be infused by the master.

    Also this whole thing could be the specialty of the former city, and is now your clan’s specialty. The other clan’s sorcerers scoff at this cheapening of their art while the clan leaders are actually very interested in this art as it allows for the untrained to use the elements.

    My two cents.

  2. Finish says:

    Quiet a lot of informations. Can’t add much to the idea with the gems, but sounds useful. Another reason to get the crystals soon.