Char - Sea of spirits

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Credits: Artwork by Blackmyst, picture text by Kite. Written by Yan “Kern” Gagné, with audio mixing by Edwyn Tiong. It features Edwyn Tiong as the narrator, Melissa D. Johnson as Kharla’ggen and Laura Post as Sene’kha. Musics by Jorma Poyer and sound effects from


8 Responses to Char : Sea of spirits

  1. Ryudamaru says:

    one word….terrifying

  2. Gnave says:

    That was a very interesting story. It is nice to see the backstory of Kharla’ggen. I also heard an interesting tidbit in the begining that could have a major impact on the world if one felt like it. I also love the concept of the city.

    The quality of the voice acting was excellent and the overall piece very good, however I felt that Melissa and Laura could have been a tad louder or Edwyn a bit quieter.

    Overall a very nice piece. If it is economically feasible you should consider selling CD collections of the audio books, I would definitely buy them.

  3. Vagu'Stae says:

    This was so awesome, I think I’m gonna have nightmares t’night. XD

  4. Pitdragon says:

    Love these things. I just load them up on my iPhone with the cover art as the album art. Listened to the last one while cutting my grass! XD

  5. DarkVolt says:

    Nice addition to the world and clearly explained aswell. I like the “historylesson” as much as the horror-action. Didnt thought I could get the creeps from a audiobook. X3
    Well done. ^^

  6. Finish says:

    That was a good one. A lot of informations about this new city. Rainwater from the surface through a hole, great idea. I can’t wait to hear more about that place. Especially which Clan rules this city. The Kharla part of the audiobook was really scary. This sounds effects of Kharla chewing on her arm: great. ;) The only sad thing about this audiobook is that my thoughts about Kharla’s whereabout are wrong. I always thought she was the heir of the Val’leygurls and became mad through the incredible amount of pink around her. ^^

  7. Xazz says:

    I enjoy these stories. I just wish they were longer. I’d like to be able to download one to my iTunes, start it up, then go do something else for… I dunno, an hour? and not have to worry about it if I play a fullscreen game and suddenly “Gah! My story’s over!”

    I didn’t enjoy this one as much as the other, but enjoyed it none the less and look forward to future ones. And the guy that did the explanation of Char in the beginning- I love him. >3

  8. eureka_uk says:

    ive been following the drowtales universe for a while now and have always wondered about Kharla’s origins, when i first started listening i was not sure what the story was about but as soon as i heard the words “dolls house” i guessed striaght away.

    i enjoyed this very much and hope there will be more soon.

    and dont worry Finish, im pretty sure she would have been within the Vall’eygurls clan at some point, that kind of madness has to be pink related ^_^