Darkvolt asked “Is there another podcast on the way, too? I miss those. ;__;”
True it has been a while. And i felt like doing some this week but never could find the perfect time for a whole group to be on at the same time. Unfortunately it doesn’t look like it’s going to get better soon.
In replacement, we’ll have short and quick conversation about various topics. Which we will post here. Should it be called a minipod or minicast? That i have no idea.
Today discussion is an answer to this thread and touch this thread too.

Darkvolt drew a picture related to this conversation which will explain very well the do-not-do of mana manipulation.


One Response to Minipod #1 : Mana

  1. Jaibyrd says:

    Thanks! This really helped to answer those questions. I have others about mana use, but they might be rather nit-picky…