The second Path to Power podcast, hosted this week by Madea, and continues the trend of discussing current events and information pertinent to the players. Joining him for this session is Meska, Frost Indri, Meckruco and Nagimalice.

The first part, focusing on how to be hired, how to create a character, future hiring plans and future ranks is under thirty minutes, in order to not drag on overlong. As a bonus, an additional hour of material, which was a more free form conversation, is for those interested in listening.

They’ve recorded a bonus podcast for the hardcore PTP players to listen to, as the main one was limited to 30 minutes of lenght.


4 Responses to Path to power podcast #2 : Creating characters and hiring them

  1. Andreas says:

    Very nice, as always. Keep up the good work!

  2. Jaibyrd says:

    Excellent podcast all! It was really fun to listen to and made my students give me that strange look when I was listening to it in my classroom and they walked in on me…

  3. Kite says:

    I’m going to listen to this while I’m out cycling :D

  4. Miburo says:

    I listend to is while jogging and doing aerobics in wiifit :) podcasts are great for during sports