Life of a Vloz\'ress soldier

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Credits: Artwork by Blackmyst, picture text by Kite. Written by Yan “Kern” Gagné, with audio mixing by Edwyn Tiong. It features Edwyn Tiong as the narrator and the drowussu templars, Kavin Scalf as Ku’so, Phillip Sacramento as Baliir and Priscilla Chee as Ku’so’s commanding officer. Music and sound effects from


12 Responses to The life of a Vloz’ress soldier

  1. fignal says:

    I loved it!
    Very well made, I really enjoyed it!
    Hope that there is more soon!

  2. Rowadanr says:

    Wow, a pacifist berserker! nice concept, i must say… i like Beliir’s “Chel’ususseloth is an illusion” speech

  3. Aldur says:

    great! I loved the story, the pacifist berserker, and also the narration was really well done. hope that there will be more things like that soon!

  4. DarkVolt says:

    Pretty project, the audiobook of your’s. The voices are good, the storytelling was very nice and the characters are loveable.
    Sad it was just 15.min long. X3

    I’m looking forward for the next Audiobook.
    Good work!

  5. astralia says:

    Edwyn Tiong has a fabulous voice and great storytelling ability. I wish there were more of his performances available.

  6. Andrew says:


    That was awesome!

  7. Koppany says:

    Thank you for for this! I think it is good to get an insight to the everyday life of a commoner drow. I hope it was not a onetime issue but the beginning of a series. :-)



  8. Bellar says:

    That was excellent! Definitely hoping to hear a few more audiobooks.

  9. Ryudamaru says:

    “astralia Says:
    April 18th, 2008 at 3:09 pm

    Edwyn Tiong has a fabulous voice and great storytelling ability. I wish there were more of his performances available.”

    there are…Edwyn tion voice is in lots of animations ni , like 8-bit theater, where he gave life to Black mage xD (
    His nickname is Omahdon in newgrounds.

    This i dont have to say that this story was awsome.
    Baliir is the character i like the most in the hole drowtales universe


  10. Cefaclor says:

    Wow Edward, I remember you using this voice for Dark Lord. Sheer awesomeness, I love how you’ve grown with it. Kuso and Balir’s voice are spot on. Thats exactly how I’d imagine they would sound. Perfection. I dont know what else to say.

  11. ADK says:

    Argh, I need to read options more carefully. @.@;; I thought it said ‘I don’t usually like audiobooks but that one was good,’ but it was, in fact, the opposite.
    **coughs** So, um, pretend that’s what the vote is for. >> <<

  12. Red Robert says:

    Very good, well obviously.
    I loved it. And I would without question listen to more ‘if and only if they were issued freely on your website like this one’. I hope you feel that people take the subject of your work and the wonderous fantasy art behind it seriously because I sure as hell know I do…