Verthandi concept for Khora. Now, go put on some pants before she get angry.

Lunareth and Norin started a meme that we jumped into; What we look like during different days. Somehow my little 30 minutes sketch was more popular than any other artworks i’ve done on tumblr this year. Go figure.


17 Responses to Verthandi judge you for being pantless

  1. Solona says:

    A prude! Quick! Everyone act scandalous!

  2. partner555 says:

    Wait, wait, wait. She’s a Nid, and yet she opposes tainting?

    • Malag'nafein says:

      Not all nids are tainted. With all the trouble the belds had with tainting, it would be little surprise on why she loathes the practice. Still, some things must be overlooked for the greater good of allying the belds with the nids, with or without waelsuloth’s agreement. xD

    • Catriana says:

      I dunno, just because you support a faction doesn’t mean you have to support everything they do/believe in.

      • H'K'Maly says:

        Isn’t tainting CENTRAL to Nid’s faction?

        • Malag'nafein says:

          Sure is, but they use a safe version of the taint. Verthandi would likely be aware of it, but considering what is happening to the Sharen and their faulty seeds, she would have plenty of cause to be suspicious of the Nidra tainting everyone in her clan, and know that there would be fierce resistance among the Belds to the idea.

        • Catriana says:

          I am thinking Snadhya has been building up her faction for a long time, long before she went with the whole tainting thing (Mel’s story on DD hints at the possible beginning of her idea of building her own clan).

          So considering that she’s been gathering people for possibly centuries, it would stand to reason that not all of them would be OK or agree with tainting once it got to that step. In which case I doubt Snadhya would force it on them and lose long time supporters. Better to use that to one’s advantage and use them as spies in clans that aren’t supportive, or downright hostile of tainted.

          Snadhya’s plans aren’t ‘let’s taint everyone’, they’re much more complex than that. So there are likely people who support everything else she is fighting for, so long as they don’t have to become tainted. Apparently, she has no qualms with this.

  3. theslowblitz says:

    Yay, Verthandi! I always thought of Verthandi as sought of rebellious, since she sided with the Nids, but prude works too!

  4. waffleferret says:

    Is she wearing a necklace of teeth?

  5. MEK1724 says:

    She’s pretty .

  6. Skai Sarghress says:

    It’s is all good. You’re sketches are better then any planned artwork. (I’m always scandalous :)

  7. Whizzard says:

    Kern’s Sexy Time: The sock comes off! THE SOCK comes OFF! :O

  8. Runes says:

    Nothing is sexier than a purring cat. Nothing!!

  9. Midevi says:

    Had to read the part about tainting over a few times. The lack of punctuation threw me, as I read it as her not liking to taint young people and exhibitionists. Which led to the funny thought of her being fine with tainting old people and prudes. And then I read it again and realized what it actually meant.