New podcast, as part of the serie “houses of the clans”. Kite joining me for the intro. Madea, suntiger and Tranquil joining for the topic of the week. Unfortunately the attempt to improve the sound quality didn’t work for the intro. But the rest is fine.


One Response to Drowtales podcast #22 Illhar’dro clan

  1. Finish says:

    As good as always. There weren’t so much informations about
    sub-houses but a lot of interesting stuff about the Illhardo and their way of doing business. This seems to be a very interesting Clan, and not so boring as I first thought. ;)
    I hope someone read this comment because I have a question: Is it possible to make a Pod-cast about the surface and the surface races? I’m curious to learn more about all the other specis up there. The different kinds of Humans and Orcs, the Ferals, the Nagas and the Dragons in the skyworld. There are so much facinating things. :)
    P.S.: I heard the hidden message at the end. :P