12 years is a very long time on the internet. Ancient perhaps. Among such peers as geocities, altavista search, realplayer video, and other fossils of a by gone era. Perhaps you are wondering dear readers what may have welcomed your first visit on Drowtales back in the days? Few would remember. Some elders such as Emperial and Miburo may recall being present back in these early days, able to testify as to the horror they have witness. Some may believe i exaggerate. Then unbeleivers, bask into the very first cover page of drowtales 2001!!!
Still there? I command your fortitude. Don’t mind the fallen bodies around you, they were too weak to survive this sight. There, have a cupcake point for your pain(exchangeable at your nearest Kite station). If your curiosity into the morbid has yet to be satiated, drop by the internet way back machine to see the (un)glory of the very first web site..
Done? Good, let’s us proceed further in time to 2004. Back when the very first few attempts at social medias begun, Oekakis board were all the rage, and sharing meme flash video was the thing to do! Yes, it is during that year that Chirinide became a protagonist, one of the main point of view for our stories to unfold. She had been there before, as early as late december 2001. Simply a secondary character. With chapter 10 coming around, she had her chance to shine during an experiment in making a self contained story outside of Ariel’s arc. A new clan. New characters. A bloody setting. And the oldest unmodified chapter to remain in our archive. It was a big change , one that brought people such as Kite into reading the comic for the first time. To honor this old work, the recent story line with Chiri had an intentional callback drawn into it.
Say hello to sad eyed greenish Chiri. She sure has grown in 9 years! Even her hair has changed colors… It’s probably all the chocolate she eat.

Characters grows with the comic and the society changed over the years. It’s a massive work, it’s my baby. And i realize i’ll probably be working on it for couple more years before it’s complete. 2014 will mark the end of arc 2. But when arc 3 will bring closure to Moonless age, that i can’t say. I realize i couldn’t continue without your support. For this, i say thank you. I want to make people feel invested, to give people the chance to have their say, to have their characters integrated in. Even if it is in a small way ; you’re all part of the story. Sometime this backfire but for the most part, it’s beneficial to the work. The last year has been a landmark of changes on this topic. As early 2012 marked to me an undeniable shift , one that i was afraid would bring a premature end. A hard time for me and Kite, leading us to make difficult decisions. Thankfully cameos were a success, a big success. We don’t have as many team members as we used to but the team is still large and strong. I’d say the studio is on a stronger footing at the moment than it used to before. With a clear direction as to where to go and the possibility to grow. Onward to better arts, better story, better interactivity!

To mark this day an anniversary special was prepared . Kiel has a page to have her say ending with the animation finale:

(Where is the flash version? The server prevented it from being uploaded and there is too little time to get Martin to fix this. Instead you get the youtube version in the main archive for now)
A short 6 episodes but a good experiment that is now wrapped up. Canon too, except for that Chirinide costume at the end. Now as to what is coming next on the animation front ; i don’t know. It has to remain modest to be doable in our busy shcedules. And it has to remain both seperate from the main arc while being pertinent. If there is something you’d like to see covered in an animation, shoot your request through a comment

The anniversary special was meant to end with a dance party . Except, well, the dance gif did not come up as i thought. It’s funny to look at it, just not quite fitting in the main archive:
By Felix of daydream archive 3.

Leopardwerecat, thanks for being such a steadfast supporter and for making this picture to commemorate the day:
Kiel has certainly become the mascot in the last year. May her crazyness bring us many good stories!
And cake.
Unpoisoned cake preferably.
Hmm cake. Now excuse us while we go ponder on which cake we shall devour to commemorate so many years of life were invested into this work. Countless nights and days. Okay that’s going down a depressing slope ; LET’S GET BACK TO CAKE!


49 Responses to 12th anniversary

  1. darkenangel says:

    Happy 12th anniversary Drowtales, Kern, and Kite! Cake and Chocolate for all and for many more years to come!

  2. Durlyn says:

    Happy 12th Anniversary Drowtales! You guys rule :D

  3. Sarai says:

    I was here back then! Yes Im that old.

  4. partner555 says:

    Wait, arc 2 is significantly shorter than arc 1?


    I wasn’t a reader until around the end of Ch23 or start of Ch24, and it was awesome the whole way.

  5. Ali says:

    Happy Anniversary, Drowtales!
    I’m crying with laughter at Nau in the dance party gif xD day made!

  6. Greenwood Goat says:

    Happy 12th anniversary! *accepts cupcake, nibbles* Mmmm, tasty. And poisoned. But, as you know, bezoar stones are an antidote to any poison, the best ones being made in the digestive tracts of goats. Like me. I make them as a hobby. >:=)> *thumbs nose at Kiel, grabs and munches another of the poisoned cupcakes*

  7. Mizukithepanda says:

    Well, I started reading some time in… early 2004 maybe? The first rewrite of the first chapter had been done, and a few pages of the second were completed, but the originals were still up in the archive. They were… definitely a testament to a different time. There are some things from the earlier chapters that I’m kind of sad didn’t make it into the most recent version (like Yafein’s friendship actually kind of meaning something and Ariel seeming like the villain for arbitrarily murdering Maya in a show of feminine dominance) and others that I’m really, really glad didn’t. (Just… take a look at Mel’Arnach’s profile circa 2002. >.>)

    Anyway, I’m grateful that you guys have stuck with this for so long, through rewrites and timeskips and just everything. I’ll be sticking around for quite a while yet myself.

    Happy 12th Anniversary!

  8. Biblio'phil says:

    Happy anniversary Drowtales!!!! :-) 12 years, entering the “dumb age” of teenage life, hope there won’t be too much sulking ahead ;-)

    I started reading Drowtales during the remakes. The continuous progress in the art is impressive, and the changes in the last year went to the next level, so I’m expecting the best for the year to come.

    Also, a third arc to Drowtales, what a nice promise! I bet it’s the one when Chiri becomes the main villain after everything she’s been through in the animations and probably in MA too ;-). More seriously, I would think about the famous return of the drows to the surface.

    Enough talk, let’s get this party started! Dance and cake!

  9. Miburo says:

    12 years I can’t believe it has been that long and at the same time it feels like it has always been here, I can’t imagine a morning without checking the latest updates on Drowtales.
    Happy anniversary Drowtales!!

  10. S says:

    Oh, I remember the beginnings. Kern, you have come so very far since then! Haha, all the birthday’s that have passed…I am pretty sure I have a few unsubmitted fanart pieces from Drowtales 3rd anniversary laying around here somewhere. And oh, the oekaki board in it’s heyday! Such a place of inspiration and comraderie! I got a lot of characters out of that place (Tank and Yunin still get doodled occasionally.) I may have fallen into silent viewership over these last several years, but I am still here. I hope Drowtales will still be here as well, for many more years to come!

  11. Devour the Cabbage says:

    Blimey this comics just over half as old as I am, that is insane, wish you folks all the best and a happy anniversary.

  12. Kearnaun says:

    Happy 12th candles on a cake day! *hugs & makes of with a piece of cake*

  13. Dalvyserran says:

    Happy 12th anniversary! I think one of the first things I saw was demonic courtship and snippets of early PTP

    As for animated suggestions… Animated Snadhya’rune @_@

  14. shanna66 says:

    wow, 12 years already? god, ive been going to this site for about half my life now. kern, i just wanted to thank you for making drowtales, its been a pleasure growing up with it and you were the reason i wanted to get into drawing people instead of just animals, your art has been a huge influence on mine over these years.

  15. Bast says:

    YaY! /party popers every where

  16. Renfri says:

    Happy 12th anniversary! I must say I admire your patience and dedication, for heaven knows continuing such a project for this long takes a lot of those. I started reading DT somewhere around chapter 19 coming out, and ever since checking the new updates became a part of my daily ritual. I must also admit that your comic, beside being an entertainment, became also an enormous artistic influence for me, for which I’d wish to sincerely thank you. Last but not least, I wish you best of luck and more successful years to come. :)

  17. GEM76 says:

    Happy Birthday now bring out the sake =^_^=

  18. KittyH says:

    Wow has it really been 12 years? I remember that old art and reading the more DnD influenced comic. Your baby has grown so much! My absolute favorite online comic. I can’t wait to see what the future brings for Drowtales.

  19. 247reader says:

    Happy anniversary, Drowtales! Congratulations on 12 years of hard work and great stories.

  20. Peco says:

    12 years… wow, easy to say, hard to achieve, it is indeed a commendable feat no doubt, happy annyversary to Drowtales and incredible job for Kern and Kite

  21. Oddberry126 says:

    I’ve been lurking around on this website for years. I’ve seen it grow together with the artists/storywriters and I must say that I am very proud of you all, because you have persevered even though you went through bad times now and then. I am EXTREMELY grateful that you guys keep this website free of charge, that you guys bring us free high-quality webcomics almost every day. I’m proud that you keep yourself invested in this project and I can see how you guys have truly poured your hearts into the Drowtales universe. It is mainly thanks to you that I have become such a huge fan of the Drow race. In any case, I wish you all the best of luck and success. May this site continue to exist for many, many, many more years to come!

    *gives the Drowtales team some virtual chocolate cake with a candle on it* You’re the best! :)

  22. Kitdarkmoon says:

    Happy Anniversary!!! I wish you guys all the luck and success though I know you don’t need it cause you guys are so awesome already. I may not of been here from the Very beginning, nor do I openly say much, but I have enjoyed watching you guys grow into one of the best and one of the only Web comics I still religiously follow since my younger days when I first discovered Web comics online. You guys really work your arses off to give us fans such a great story; and art to go with it; as well as going from sparse updates(if I’m remembering correctly) to daily updates. I really really commend you, Kern and Kite and all the others that had helped to make Drowtales such an awesomely awesome thing and I only hope it skyrockets from here. Cause it’s that awesome. You guys inspire me everyday to follow my dreams!! Again Happy, Happy Anniversary guys.

  23. Sindas says:

    Happy Anniversary!
    Kern, Kite you can both be extremely proud. You’ve created something amazing and I had the pleasure to follow it from the start. I still remember all the version of the website and all the original chapters…
    You know, at the time webcomics were just starting, there weren’t many with good art. Probably because people still thought that paper comic was for pros and webcomic for practice. How have things changed… Glad I stayed because now yours is undoubtedly the most professional one I know know. :)

    Also that dance pic is great, love Nau on it. :P

  24. Moatl says:

    Happy Anniversary!
    12 years is really a long time, even for me here. I stumbled over Drowtales in late 2001 the first time, and I even remember the start of Daydream in autumn 2002… It’s impressive, how Drowtales has developed over the years! Congratulations!

    BTW, the dancing scene is positively mean! I can’t get the picture out of my head! XD

  25. Eltharrion says:

    You start to realize how years have ran past you, as I began reading DT almost a year before remakes began.
    I still remember those days when Ariel used her transforming abilities to much larger extent to become a drider or a real half-dragon with working wings, When Chiri had greenish skin and talked about how Ariel was fated one, when there were orcs and dwarfs and drows considered spiders holy…

    So much has changed, but I say it is good things changed.
    Drowtales has changed from something that resembled forgotten realms into its own setting. It has grown out of its original boundaries and created a completely new, still wildly expanding world with twists and turns that make it so interesting.
    Naturally, art has changed over the years, but that’s what it does. It evolves.

    My greatest wishes for your luck, may you both and all who work with Drowtales have great time and keep on doing what makes us all enjoy this great site (yes, it’s no more a simple webcomic, but a series of things connecting to each other to make a large web).
    To Kern, to Kite, to moderators, to PtP & RH GMs, to fanartists, to subscribers, to literal people who write awesome things to forums, to commentators, and last but not least, to all the readers who keep on finding this great piece of art and coming back to it.
    Happy anniversary to you all.

  26. Durlyn says:

    Oh! In regards to the next animation, I’m cool with just about anything as long as its not more “OMG Kiel is so awesome” related content XD (no offense to Kiel fans, her routine is just beginning to get a little old is all). I wouldn’t mind seeing Chiri giving Kiel a taste of her own medicine next time around however (a hilarious & fitting example of Karma at work >8D), or if that’s not in the cards maybe we could check in on Ariel & her Squad Mates, or just Ariel, Faen, & Diva if there aren’t enough voice actors to cover Sarnel, Kau, & Shala (I’m sure those three roomies have all manner of fun tales to tell).

  27. HoneyBee says:

    Happy 12th Anniversary !! I started reading DT around 6 years ago. Seriously, if I was to read since it started I’d have to be like what, 4 or 5 years old ? xP Yeah, DT is almost as old as me.

    And I also love the caramelldansen, pretty cute, especially the demon princess. XD

  28. LordPanther says:

    Happy Birthday Drowtales! I was pulled here back in 2008 by an ad I saw for Daydream and never left after that, tried out Relic Hunters, Path to Power, and reading through the Main Archive and enjoying the quality of artwork so very much. Glad to hear you are in a more financially stable place this year as well and am looking forward to seeing what the next year brings.

    Great dance party Gif, I kept on looking at it while listening to this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xXK9ShllebQ

    For the animation I’d suggest Ariel and Faen going camping/big game hunting.

  29. Laerei says:

    “Sigh the number of visitors doesn’t increase. X_X I know everybody start low…but my other site had the same number of visitor with 10 time less effort you know.” – Kern in 2001


    Oh how humble the beginnings were. Look at you now, Drowtales! So big and strong! Rawr! Artistically one of the most beautiful comics on the Web with a story that runs so many different important threads that all affect each other that sometimes it takes a year before an important character shows up again. Rarely I see a story that has so many different groups with different goals that has generated dozens of fans for EACH of the groups that root against each other. Of course I’m talking about clans. ;D

    Arguing with a reader who is a supporter of the clan that is at war with the clan you root for adds whole another level to the story being told. Makes reading it so much more multidimensionally fun. Especially because occasionally we are on the same side!

    Thank you, Kern and Kite, and the rest of the Drowtales team, for giving us beautiful art to gawk at, a complex political story to wrap your mind around and characters to root for and characters to root against! Thank you!

  30. drowheart says:

    Happy 12 anniversary :) I wish I wasn’t on my ipod because I would freak out more in my excitedness.

  31. Finn MacCool says:

    i don’t know why you keep picking on your old art. i’ve read (and enjoyed) comics that looked worse.
    anyway, happy anniversary!

    • suntiger745 says:

      Artists are like that. I don’t think I’ve met any artist who likes their old work, except for one or two special pieces that they think came out “ok”. :P

    • Dalvyserran says:

      my old art was awful too, and I dont ever want to look at it (even though I still keep it stored away)

  32. Laurie says:

    Congrats on the anniversary!

  33. Starlitdragon says:

    Happy anniversary you guys!! And here’s to many more :)

  34. Alric says:

    Happy Birthday Drowtales! Here’s to twelve more, and then some!

  35. Kingpower says:

    Happy anniversary!

    Thank you for all the great years.

    Good Luck!

  36. Pelinore says:

    One more voice to wish an happy birthday to the site and a congratulation to the daddy.

  37. Luzahn says:

    Congratulations on the anniversary!

    I’m sure there’s nothing I can say that hasn’t already been said, but the updates are always a bright spot in the day. Good luck in the years to come.

  38. ShinjiGAR says:

    Thanks for the early art. I would put quotes around art, but that would be snobbish of me. Still, a great gift.

  39. ninny says:

    Wow, it’s weird that I’ve been a reader since the beginning, and the drow still worshiped Llolth. It’s been so long I can hardly remember it any more. I’m a little sad though that some of the old comic pages are broken in the lookback. I used to love reading the absolute first pages and then jumping forward to the current page to see how far the art has come. It might be fun next year to make a little museum of your art progression on this site!

  40. Cutie Squiggoth says:

    Happy 12’th anniversary :) wai!

    No idea when I first started reading this, but it was back before the rebuild art-wise, back when Lloth was still worshipped, however long ago that was :)

    So glad I’m still here :)

    I hope I’m still here for your 21’st :)

  41. Mizu says:

    Happy 12th anniversary!

    *even if I personally have only been here a few years*

    Also, Ariel had scruffy hair<_<

    Hmm, I want Chrys and Shinae in the next animation! I think they are the only members of the (former)child cast not to have been voiced yet.