Livestream complete. 2 hours to get the concept ready has got to be the fastest concept work i’ve done so far. Inking yesterday’s concept took more than that. I suppose that drawing on livestream allow me to focus more. There’s no emails, messages or outside concerns to interupt. Not even bathroom or food. If you want your commission or concept to be drawn live, simply drop me a message with the time of the day you’d prefer.

Begins at 5hPM! Concept art for Gem76 this time. Come hang out.

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9 Responses to Vloz’ress concept on livestream

  1. Vilx- says:

    What? I missed it again?! And to add insult to the injury, I noticed the existence of this livestream, like, 15 minutes after it ended! Life sucks… :P

  2. Luzahn says:

    Argh! The madness is both terrifying and adorable!

    …I look forward to the Kyorls. =P

  3. Tsuris says:

    Lok: ARGH! My leg! You little- *adorable* ….. dammit can’t be mad, she’s too cute =___=

    Actually interesting to see how they’ll interact in the chapter since they’ll be hanging out, Lok would certainly look out for the kid since she’s about his own daughter’s age….

    • Pariel says:

      Before or after they have to amputate lok’s leg due to widespread infection and gangrene? :P

    • GEM76 says:

      Awwwww…num…num *chewing on leg like chew toy*

      It looks great Kern too bad I had to leave early but I wouldn’t have changed anything *gives high five*

  4. partner555 says:

    That cat smile makes me think she loves cats. She and Ariel will get along quite well.

  5. Miburo says:

    aww missed it. I expect bitemarks as a trademark on her golem equipment :)

  6. Sarai says:

    She scares me *wards off with plush toys*

  7. Gojinki says:

    >w< so cute! I just wanna huggle her! *all the hugglespins*