Ba’dal was a cameo from the original book funding effort. She appeard in chapter 36 as one of the servant of Ash’waren and belong Bast. Also known as the licking demon princess. Now that Naga would have the power to lick someone skin off.
The thing about crawling down a pillar at the upper right came up while i was drawing this. Can a naga do this really? I’m not entirely sure but the concept was interesting. Drowtales’ naga tend to have massive tail that keep growing as they get older, so technically older ones could coil all around a pillar from bottom to top. Best pole dancer ever? Or best way to remove a pole completely in one tug.
that was the last concept art style commission for a while.

Saturday: Catch up on work.
Monday: Summoner page 5
Tuesday: Durlyn’s Haloween special
Wednesday: Gem76′s Path to power group
thursday: Finishing the path to power picture.
friday: Mistfolk page 4
saturday: Daydream extra archive update?

Even in guild wars 2 Kite is cat crazy:

With the haloween witch costume, she get to have 3 summoned cats at the same time. Witch cat. Ranger cat. guild war 1 pet tabby cat.

Hey fanarts! It’s been a while since i saw one.
Blackmors did two pieces about Kiel. Skull tatoo kielKiel and demon princess


17 Responses to Sexy naga Ba’dal

  1. Pariel says:

    Well, she’s kinda sexy, and cute… even if she has that weird nose. I hope she doesn’t bite in foreplay else all her conquests would be doomed.

    • Pitdragon says:

      He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named approves of that nose!

    • Greenwood Goat says:

      Oh, yes, neurotoxins are much more fun, especially if nonlethal doses with can be delivered, producing only temporary effects. There are many neurotoxins in nature that cause paralysis, a few that cause various forms of tactile hypersensitivity, and one that causes priapism (I am not making this up). Plus, there’s the fact that certain toxins are physically and mentally addictive (e.g. start with ethanol and nicotine, and work on up). All in all, a naga with suitably-configured poison glands could have a lot of fun, and have no trouble acquiring and keeping some particularly devoted lovers. >:=}>

      • Bast says:

        Yay! Other people who know toxins. ^_^ Most snakes can control how much , if any, venom they give once they are older. Young ones normally do not have that ability.

        Fun fact: you can almost always tell if a snake is venomous or not by the shape of the pupil. If it’s a slit back away.

    • Bast says:

      Most adult snakes can give a warning bite or a “dry bite”. They do not want to have to use the built up venom unless they HAVE to. So she can nibble, just pray you aren’t on her bad side, or an ordered interrogation target. ;P

      Though if you are part of her bed mates at least you get a nice warm hug and a face full of boobs!

  2. Dalvyserran says:

    Ohh so does this mean Ba’dal is a very old Naga?

    Also I have to say that I’ve always liked the Nagas in this universe… better than the human-faced snakes in D&D or the fish people in WoW. DT’s naga seem more similar to marilith demons across various world settings.

  3. Jiharn says:

    Naga sure have interesting anatomy. I mean, look at how wide that mouth gets. And their nipples are apparently hard enough to be used for clothing clasps.

    I’m guessing that Kite is also a charr for this costume, making it 4 cats in a pack? Must be difficult to herd them.

  4. Tsuris says:

    ah hah hah hah…. last concept art for a while… right, yeah >.>

    You may want to check your email ^^

  5. Durlyn says:

    Oh man, I love this character’s design, look at her wrapped around that pillar trying to be all stealthy XD

  6. Tiam says:

    Aaaaaww! Nagas are so cute! Well, she is anyway.

  7. Bast says:

    Kern = <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3 Thank you!

  8. Raziel says:

    Ooo, I’d defiantly like to see that pole dance! ; )
    Can’t for the life of me help but wonder why they were skirts, it’s not like there is anything visible under there. Right?