Pariel’s Sharen character Nona’brail. She was spared the high heel shoes originaly designed for her. Else i don’t think she’d have arrived to the battlefield.
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About today’s page where Abireo is being assaulted by demons. It’s a good exemple of the effects we can do to strengthen a page impact with minimal addition to the workload. Abi’s dire moment where her life and death hang on a thread is a good time to talk about the issue of cameo mortality. Out of the 30 cameo for this chapter, only about halves spoke up on whether their character is allowed to die. The other half didn’t say they wanted the character not to die, they just didn’t answer the question.With a chapter filled with combat, i need some flexibility. To maim, injure, kill, taint. Else it’d be a constant exchange of blows with nothing ever progressing.
Because of this, be aware as a reader or a sponsor, that all characters can be maimed, injured, tainted, imprisoned. If you are one of the sponsor who asked for their character to be immortal, note that it’ll just be this : they won’t die on screen. Like Madea and Rune sharen from the Nuqranh civil war arc ; forsaken on the airship taken by the enemy. Did he survive? Did he get prisoner? Did he turn traitor in a desperate hope to save his love? Did he get pushed overboard above a desert to die of thirst with 49 broken bones? Only the sponsor can choose since i didn’t have permission to kill him.
Moonless age is not a story about a character. It’s about a people. Some characters are archetype of their people. The Vloz’ress was made from Kiel. Illhardro from Kyonne. Beldrobbaen from Naal’suul. To name only a few. Because they are archetype, and because they have a built history with a path that give an interesting angle upon the story events, they are often used. But in no way is any of them the “main character” of the story. That include Ariel. In the original 2001-2002version she was but then, that wasn’t “moonless age”, it was a different comic that got deleted. Ariel may die before the end of the story. So does Kiel. chirinide. Chrys’tel. Kyo’nne. As long as the story progress, that’s what matter.
What is the purpose of the current dozens of pages of fighting? It’s not for the sake of action scenes i can assure you. I’ve cut and i will cut out actions scenes where the result is garanteed and where there is no purpose that would progress the story. In this case, it’s an exposition on how bad clan strifes moved to open warfare. How’s life for the people stuck in between, and for the people who are stuck fighting in it. How law and clean way to fight are being pushed aside , progressively getting worse, in order to get their goal. Only with this will the story afterward have it’s proper impact.
When this chapter is done, there will be a recap of everyone status. The deads, the injured, the survivors.


30 Responses to Bleeding eyesockets

  1. Pitdragon says:

    A pacifist with a skull ornament. Must be from a Beld daddy!

    And I never expected Abi to get a surprise visit from Alucard! :D

  2. Petra says:

    Am I bad if I am glad that Ariel can die?

    • Kern says:

      Depend, if you are glad that anyone can die, there’s nothing wrong there. Ariel got beaten up before, and she’ll get beaten again.
      If you mean that you want the character to die. Probably. Not because it is wrong to not like a character, but because you would have made sure to come on to tell me that you hate a character that i’ve invested a lot of time building.

      • Petra says:

        Well I have to admit that I don’t like Ariel. But it’s mostly because I her being “main character”. The fact that somebody can’t die makes them boring. It’s hard to worry about them because there is no chance they would get harmed in fatal way. And no matter what kind of troubles they get themselve into they’re going to be fine and happy in few pages. And the fight between Ariel and that Vlozz was simply boring (at least for me). Two guys poking each other with weapons with known outcome. It was just waiting if she save herself or somebody else will come to help.
        So her being strip of immortality makes her in my eyes way less annoying.

  3. MEK1724 says:

    I remember when my eyes were bleeding . It did look pretty cool . Shame Nona can’t see i hers . :'( *hugs*
    And who does her lipstick for her I wonder ? Or maybe she’s pro and can do it herself (now) .
    “Am I bad if I am glad that Ariel can die?”
    Not strictly speaking . I mean who likes character shields +5 , when everyone elses character shield is transparently made of a cheese wheel ?

    • Jak'iaah says:

      I was wondering the same thing about the lipstick. She seems like that classic trope blind character that can “see” by use of some kind of innate strength or power. I don’t think empathy works that way though, haha.

      • Pariel says:

        In the same way you could probably touch your nose with your eyes close. Except that we’re talking of someone with a medic’s wrist and perhaps more practice.

        • Wolfdancer95 says:

          She also might have Mana sight like most templars. That’s why Shan was blindfolded when we first saw him.

          And I think we are about to figure out if Medics are off limits or free game.

          • Pariel says:

            Of course medics are free game. But she’s going into the fray -despite- that. She may be a pacifist but she’s far from a heartless coward. And you’re right about mana vision, all drow have it. It’s just that most don’t have a practical use for it. Kyorls, summoners and empaths do for obvious reasons (to see demons or in the case of empaths, the body works in tandem with their empathy).

      • Loniar says:

        It’s actually really easy to do your lipstick without looking. Just trace over your lips then rake a nail around the edges to scrape away any possible mistakes. I… may have too much experience in doing that.

    • Reva says:

      She’s a Sharen, she probably has a servant to do this sort of thing for her. It’d be kind of funny if she went all “MAKE UP PAUSE!” in the middle of the war while some girl fixed her lipstick.

  4. Dalvyserran says:

    Interesting that even those of us that didn’t choose (at the time I just completely forgot about the choice) can still be placed in a bad situation

  5. Emperial says:

    I wish I had been brave enough to make my first cameo kill-friendly, but it just wasn’t a character I was willing to go there for! Luckily, I’m not nearly so protective of the other cameos I’m hoping to have appear in the future… as much as I love them (and I do! Kev’s not super-special or anything, I just feel more protective of him), I look forward to seeing at least one of my cameos getting a properly grisly Drowtales death. 8D Hopefully more than one, as long as my pocketbook has the funds for it. :3

    I really love how this chapter focuses on the full breadth of the war by showing its effects across a wide variety of characters in this huge battle — so awesome, truly! Most comics would just focus on the Main Group, but chapters like this really make this feel like more of a world and not just a story about a few people.

    • Emperial says:

      Also, maybe I just want Kev’ren to live because I think survivor’s guilt suits him. XDDD So it’s less an “aww, I love you and want to keep you safe!” thing and more of a “I THINK HE’LL SUFFER MORE IN THE LONG RUN.”

      *slinks back to the lair to complete evil plans for world domination*

  6. Tsuris says:

    Zan’nah is totally killable! (But as I RP with her more I’m kinda hopping more that she doesn’t die :S))

    Lok is mine though, you can not kill my pretty french maid- I mean mad empath >.>

    • Khora2150/Malag'nafein says:

      Statistics is a fun thing, Id say the sargs are more likely to cop it than the sharen will… though the possibility of Malag’nafein dying is certainly on the table, would find it unlikely relative to how many other black suns there are.

      Lok is not on the sargress side, so he should be fine xD.

  7. James Rye says:

    Dang, poor Abi. That demon looks HUGE behind her! D:

    I can´t remember if i answered that question whenever or not it´s okay if my cameo dies (btw, weren´t those 40 cameos or did it got cut down to 30?) but i´m pretty sure, so around 80%, that i said i´d be fine if Sen’gil gets injured/tainted/killed/whatever. Or didn´t i?

  8. Pariel says:

    Awesome! : 3 To be honest, naked neck and high heels weren’t that practical anyway. Pacifists need sturdy boots to avoid danger!

  9. Code says:

    Interesting ya should comment on characters deaths. I have a picture 3 days in the making about such a thing.
    The blind healer is a classic~ Looks good too~

  10. Runes says:

    Haha yes, Madea and I wanted to keep possibilities open for a future appearance for Jiaan! We eagerly await the Nidra’chaal chapter, so we can get him another cameo! :D

  11. Sionyx says:

    That cameo mortality is one reason I’m not too upset I couldn’t afford a cameo for this round. On the one hand I’d love for one of my chars to be made canon, on the other…I don’t want ’em to die. At least not on my own terms. Kinda hard to pull that off in a massive battle like this one!

  12. Jak'iaah says:

    I don’t know if I said it explicitly or not (or if it matters anymore, since those pages are already probably drawn), but you can kill her. Or brutally injure her. Or taint her. Or whatever needs to be done. I love Jak, but I want her role to be as open as possible. It’s all part of the term she serves in the DT universe.

  13. Sindas says:

    I was always open to death or injury to my character… Obviously I’d prefer she survive but I’d only consider that a lucky bonus. I want to give Kern the maximum flexibility so that the story gets interesting. After all I come here for the story, that’s the reason I became afan, not a cameo. =)

  14. AthenAltena says:

    So far I’m definitely getting the message of the chapter that this is an ugly, dirty, all around unpleasant war they’re fighting. Which I think is very true to life.

  15. Alric says:

    Hm, I don’t want my characters to die/get tainted unless it’s on my terms, to be honest. That doesn’t mean that they can’t get smacked about a bit. Here’s to Tur’geis making it out body and aura in one piece! 8D

  16. Tiam says:

    There’s something about blind characters that I like and she’s Zyrrai’Xestu too. Excellent! Please stay alive Nona!