Thalar’s cameo character. Like Rel’lumia, she is a reader created character that appeard early in the story. You can find her in the prologue as the soldier who became tainted during the battles. She is even the one that make the narrative for that part of the story.
Time to update concept list!

Skwerk(colonies story)
Skai sarghress
Kev’ren Sarghress
Durlyn Mae’yukir sarghress
Sorin sarghress
Zair’Cysparvin Sinin
Mek’kel teikaliath
Jak’iaah Sarghress
Niva’li Des’intar Sullissin
Min’issya Val’Sullisin’rune
Ilmssyn(colonies story)
Syrak(colonies story)
Nona’brail Xyrrai’zestu Sharen

15 more to go!

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That’s kuso depth of character right there. endlessly picking his nose.


26 Responses to Battle mother

  1. AthenAltena says:

    More proof of what I’ve been saying for years: Never get into a fight with a pregnant lady. You’ll most likely lose.

  2. James Rye says:

    Oh, i remember that one! So she had been Thalar´s cameo, i see.

    • thalar says:

      Actually, she wasn’t a cameo at the time. I’d shared first place in a character making contest, her appearance was the prize. ^^ The other character who won was shown in another chapter.

  3. Tsuris says:

    Getting into combat with a woman fueled by pregnancy hormones is just asking for trouble.

    I feel sorry for the Sarghress that are going to fight her ^^;

    • Dalvyserran says:

      Fighting a pregnant woman is the worst decision of your life ^_____^

      • James Rye says:

        At least her armor wont fit her so well anymore. :P

        • Tsuris says:

          actually looks like her armor is shaped to fit her while she’s preggers.

          I’m betting folks of Zala’ess’ bloodline have multiple sets of armor for each stage of pregnancy XD

      • junglefowl26 says:

        Yeah. Even if you win you just look like a huge jerk, no matter how tough a fight she actually was.

  4. Alric says:

    Ooh, awesome! Oiloss’lin’s armor looks really badass. All those raging hormones would make her absolutely merciless. ^^;

  5. Pariel says:

    That’s the leader of the Xyrrai’zestu for you. Let us march to victory! -Waves Xyrrai Flag-

  6. Runes says:

    Oiloss’lin! <3

    (Or should I say, "Mum"? :3)

  7. Pariel says:

    And I should say “Granny”?

  8. junglefowl26 says:

    “Why should I care about how many people I have to kill? I can just make MORE in my TUMMY!”

    Though, is it just me, or has every Sharen cameo been from the same Sharen sub-house?

    • Tsuris says:

      Heh, OotS’s pregnant mom scene came to mind right away when I saw this XD

      And I think the folks getting cameos from the sub house are all pals so they all called each other up and planned it out or something ;)

  9. Shoedrinker says:

    Well… she was tainted in battle, if I recall correctly, so there is a chance that the demon seed of hers is from a gate to a random netherworld instead of one of Snadhya’s time-bomb seeds. If that is the case, perhaps she could fare better. But just as likely, it could actually be worse.

    Or, if Oiloss’lin has the aggressive Orthorbbae strand of taint, she may happen to be in an earlier stage, owing to a possible better self control, knowledge of the arts and pure variance and avoid the same experience. But, for how long?

    From what I have come to understand, tainting is a complex issue where a multitude of factors can play a part (time, origin and type of demon, the willpower of the host, their emotional and physical state, “relative size or proportion” vs aura of the host, etc), leading to great variation in outcomes and results. Heck, considering that each demon is a different being from one another and so are drow, each instance of taint could have characteristics of its own!

    And that is before we get to consider what we don’t know and which measures each tainted take in reaction to it – perhaps even their subjective visualization or interpretation of the tainting itself could be of importance in how the taint develops! An infinite amount of possibilities if so!

    The only constants seem to be the following: the ever present possibility of demon possession – the inherent danger – and unpredictability.

    So, will she and the other tainted of her clan survive the current ordeal and avoid what happened to Shinae? Will the time-bomb seed be the death sentence Snadhya planned? How many of the tainted have this variant anyway? Is the “true way” the panacea that Shasana thinks?

    Those are things we won’t know for sure until the story addresses them. We can only speculate.

    • Shoedrinker says:

      In response to Turis:

      “Let’s hope she has more luck with the baby thing then Shinae did then >_>”.

  10. Tiam says:

    Oiloss!!! Long, long time no see! I’ve missed her!