Cameo character for Rune. First Sharen faction of the bunch. And utterly lying about the underwear part. I will have to change the order list for concept art. I’ll need a black sun and fallen legion before the next dragon raider. The thing is there is too few sharens so the need to pace them out better is coming up. Expect an updated list tomorrow.

digital ink
the page where Fame first appeard mark the first digitaly inked moonless age page i’ve done. Thanks to the practice with Kiel talk and other artworks, i beleive no one noticed the difference. At least no one pointed out anything on the forum. Those pages were still drawn on paper, just to be certain there would be no effect on the style.

daydream guests. You might see this thing in the front page update.

Guest artists is a project by Master oki to promote daydream. In short, we commission popular artist and our daydreamers get extra content. In theory everybody wins. The first of the 4 is online, done by Shysiren. Speaking of guest artists, you might have seen these two:

They are two kharla’ggen artworks sponsored by Master oki, drawn by wagner. Expect one more piece by him in the coming guest arts. Speaking of which :

There is that third kharla’ggen picture that was never posted online. As it is too small to be used as an update. Pixel-art kharla! Warning, there’s a female nipple in there. Dangerous creatures, if american politic is to be beleive, these fleshy bits corrupt and kill the minds of millions.


28 Responses to Strawberry patterned underwear, digital inking, Daydream guests artists

  1. Pariel says:


  2. Pitdragon says:

    And so began the Strawberry-Chocolate wars.

  3. Anrisha says:

    Strawberry cheesecake hmm? I prefer plain old cheesecake myself. But yes it is worth killing for *grin*

  4. Emiko says:

    Xery’awa is super-pretty! I love her eyes. :3

  5. Runes says:

    Awwww, she looks awesome and just like I imagine! You made her totally adorable! Thank you for the concept <33

    • Runes says:

      And obviously you only properly enjoy the glories of Strawberry Cake if you where underwear that matches it!

      • Pariel says:

        I think her statement won’t survive the brave Xyrrai’zestu kids and their baleful habit of skirt flipping.

  6. Alric says:

    Very nice! I’d thought that untainted Sharen, especially Sharen warriors, would be near non-existent. A change in policy, or is it due to her being raised in Raveran?

    I’m looking forward to my concept art, hopefully mine won’t be pushed back too far with the change in schedule!

    • Runes says:

      Yes, her mother (Oiloss’lin, most awesome of all mothers) hid her away in Raveran, to spare her from being tainted <3

      • Pitdragon says:

        Wonder if that’ll get her odd treatment by other Sharen (Val or Vassal) because she wasn’t there for the same changes everyone else was? :/

  7. Tiam says:

    She’s a beauty! Must have broken quite a few hearts without even meaning to. Xyrrai’Zestu are very interesting, particularly because we don’t know nearly enough about Sharen non-Val noble lineages. And her being taint free is astonishing! Oilos is indeed awesome, going against Siksi and Snadhya like this. Also strawberry cake, I wants strawberry cake!!!

  8. Master Avarice says:

    Very pretty, though I personally am not a huge fan of strawberry cake

    Tabel: *looks her over* She is very pretty for a Sharen, I think she’s on the wrong side. Non tainted beautiful women belong on our side, then again so do tainted beautiful women. >.> <.< What I have no hidden agenda here

    • Runes says:

      Tell you what, if Tabel goes to battle naked, she’ll go on a date with him ;3

      • Master Avarice says:

        I wouldn’t tempt him if I were you

        Tabel: *does a heroic pose* My sexiness can end battles and bring peace to the world!

        • Runes says:

          If he keeps up with all that abs sexyness, Tabel may well become my favourite Sarghress cameo hehe

          • Master Avarice says:

            Well he is a goofball and he does love being without a shirt on. He believes its much more comfortable like that. Great way to keep cool and relaxed as well as a great way to show off what you got.

            Tabel: Well when you got it flaunt it *smiles* Plus who could be angry and want to fight when looking at my abs? They are just too beautiful to allow such terrible emotions and thoughts to exist around them.

  9. Dalvyserran says:

    Hmm untainted Sharen that aren’t under Sillice’ banner–we need more of those

  10. Tsuris says:

    awwww, she’s cute! ^^

    and I’m afraid I don’t know anything about Raveran ^^; Is that the place in the Drowtales Role Play section in the forums?

    • Alric says:

      Kery is just adorable, ain’t she? XD Val’Raveran’s a city between Chel and Nuqrah, and it’s a possible setting for RP threads on the forums. You can read more in the Roleplay section.

  11. Aleria vilrath says:

    @kern: you know if you would sell daydream cameos with lots of sex promised you would be rich?

    • Tsuris says:

      last cameo auction got up to $290 before it ended

      I kind of get the feeling it it was a space age cameo option it would get quite a bit higher >_>

  12. junglefowl26 says:

    Very cute. I hope she is under the “not die” option. Actually kind of reminds m of the Black Sun cameo I was going to do…..

    And part Ssu…probably Dooter.

    • Tsuris says:

      why does everyone automatically assume if you’re part Ssu you must be Dutan’vir?

      Maybe her great grandmother just had a thing for Ssu males? Does anyone ever think of that? >_>

      • Runes says:

        Her Beldrobbean father has a little Ssu in him ^^ Where that Ssu came from, Oiloss’lin never bothered to ask. :P All she knew was that he had adorable curly black hair, and that she wanted a daughter with Shadow affinity, which Kery got.