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Vocal performance by Danielle McRae (Voice actress for Dhalzin in the audiobooks). Danielle is an experienced voice actress in popular videogames such as Skullgirls. See more of her work at
Music and lyric by Peter Gresser (musician for the path to power theme song, song of hope and Sealers musics). Peter Gresser is a multi-instrumentalist and songwriter. He’s scored works for television, video games, commercials, theatre, and the web. His website is

From the dirt, from the ashes, she rises up
Battle-scarred from birth; tempered by the flames
She sees loss and destruction, famine and death
They try to hold her down, but she’s holding to her strength

And she says:
“You, who have tried for my life
You, who pursued me from birth
You, who have begged for this fight
Now, we shall see what you’re worth”

Oh, let
Oh, let their blood flow out
Oh, let
Oh, let their blood flow out

Oh, the land is our mother, crying out
As we, her daughters, fight; dying in her name

And the dirt and the ashes fill our lungs
And we all rise as one, and we march toward the flames

We say:
“They, who have stolen our lives
They, who oppressed us from birth
They, who have begged for this fight
Now, they shall see what we’re worth”

Oh, let
Oh, let their blood flow out
Oh, let
Oh, let their blood flow out

Our force will drive them out, or
Our blades will be driven in

Oh, let
Oh, let their blood flow out
Oh, let
Oh, let their blood flow out

Now we rise up in battle, fighting on
The showing of our force is too great to comprehend

And we will overpower; we shall strike
So this lengthy war will at last meet its end

And I say:
Once they have lowered their arms
Once they have surrendered this fight
Once they have seen that they’ve lost
We shall restore peace on that night

Oh, let
Oh, let our blood flow out
Until then,
Oh, let our blood flow out

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11 Responses to “Now”

  1. junglefowl26 says:

    So violent, so different from her other song. XD

    Just as awesome though!

  2. Jack Butto says:

    This really is awesome!

  3. Dice Warwick says:

    very nice, the last one felt more like a tavern song, small place, small croud, soft song. this one feels like it is meant for a concert, ment to get people pumped up. keep up the good work.

  4. Tranx says:

    Great work!! :)

  5. HoneyBee says:

    Heh I love this dark theme ! =D

  6. wolfdancer95 says:

    Hands up those who would by a Drowtales album. *Wolfie has hand up*

  7. Beautiful song. Gotta fight in order to bring freedom.

    Fits. Keep them coming.

    Uswin Wood

  8. Chishiri says:

    I truly love those songs.
    Though there are some errors in the script.
    “You, who HAVE pursued me from birth”
    “They, who HAVE oppressed us from birth”
    But, still, great work guys ^^

  9. F. says:

    I noticed you have a link to the Path to Power animation here. I really love that song, but can’t seem to find it anywhere.

    After googling I eventually got this link:

    But the file is no longer there. When I click download I get this: The requested URL /~pathtopower/Path to Power.mp3 was not found on this server.

    I was wondering if there was some other way to get this lovely song onto my mp3 player.
    Please and thank you!!!