Ship same week from canada. 10$ shipping to any destination. 26 copies available. 4 small, 7 medium, 7 large and 7 extra large. They were unfortunately printed on male t-shirt, because of this Kite advise the small if you are usually medium.


4 Responses to Demon princess shirt

  1. Askarbes says:

    Is there going to be a second edition with really small sizes and do you ship to Europe?

  2. OH. Fuck. Yes.
    I am buying one of these right now.
    (Usually I wear extra large, but it is mens, so I might just want large. Hum…. I’ll go with extra large just to be safe. Better its too big then too small..)

  3. Jams says:

    Nuts.. these don’t come in my size D= I wear an XX-large. I want oonneee.