38 birthday good wishes? Woa, thanks guys. You made Kite blush i’m certain.

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An imperial cameo for Ethan. Someone who like to decorate his dragon and is overprotective of it’s well being considering it’s a warmount. That is a bellydancer silk scarf around the neck of the dragon. What? the dragon want to be pretty.
Next on the list is the demon prince Sindas. Then it’s Cacbolg. Then it’s the two old cameo, Pariel’s Randiirk and Nagimalice’s Nirael together. Then it’s Sorenshadow’s reka concept art commission(no cameo).

This time i advertised the heck out of the livestream. But just in case. Tomorrow 4hPM is the livestream of the next kiel page. from the input i got, this one is going to be even more insane. I look forward to it. http://www.livestream.com/drowtales
hopefully tomorrow i won’t feel ill. Anybody else changing from night to day schedule feel like puking all day long after the change? Happens to me everytime. Maybe i’m just getting old.


13 Responses to No one touch my baef, livestream

  1. Dalvyserran says:

    I misread that as “did you touch my wife?!” :U

  2. Tsuris says:

    He’s… overprotective… of his war mount… sure why not ^^
    I really like the tattoo he’s got on his jaw, and that his dragon likes to feel pretty :D

    I alsp like how blood affinity can make people’s heads explode XD

    • Guilty Carrion says:

      I’ll be the first to admit, the bellydancer silk scarf was all Kern, and is a beautiful touch I would not have thought of. He’s a very pretty dragon, so he deserves the best silk. XD

  3. Sionyx says:

    I now have a mental image of a dragon limping over with puppy-dog eyes…

  4. Sindas says:

    So the dragon wants to be pretty or it’s just Sorn’Mal that’s really “special”? =)

  5. Tsuris says:

    I have a strong feeling his dragon is going to die in chapter 39….

  6. Loth says:

    Finally someone who uses an axe.

  7. Pitdragon says:

    When I make myself change from night to day instead of being lazy and staying on night schedule, after finally sleeping (and after I got these pills to reduce this acid issue, stupid work conditions and schedule making that worse), I find I’m the opposite of pukey. In fact, I want to eat everything in sight. Without the pills though, I could either be hungry or my stomach would feel so burney-ick I couldn’t stand the smell of anything.

    • Kern says:

      anti-acid. kite use those. I’Ll take one next time i change sleep schedule then.T hanks.

      • Pitdragon says:

        I found before I had to go to prescription that an occasional Pepcid Complete (not AC, Complete) worked well for extreme cases. But it was so common for me – daily – that it was better to see the doctor about it. I was losing weight. :(

        If it is only just after you change, then yeah, some stronger antacid might help.