The cameo offer include the option to have a concept art done for an extra fee. Suntiger took the offer, here is the result awaiting his approval. Last shot received extra inking attention. bottom left shot is Anin in a dress, shaping wine out of a goblet with her water foci. At her side is a Val’Beldrobbaen childhood friend. Suntiger specified a foot knight so i gave her extra armor on shoulder and neck to block the blows that a dragon rider wouldn,t normally have to worry about.
…Seeing the result, her and Sara would be best friend forever. Shopping for cute plate armor, big blunt weapons and other girly Lath stuff.

Cameo offer is still open , payment can be done in two chunk if needed. Bast is now the first demon princess. Both chapter 38 scourges returned with a newcomer by Catriana. And meck’s secondary character will become the next imperial knight.


21 Responses to Imperial guard Anin’dita

  1. Pitdragon says:

    Can’t decide if I should flesh out the design on that Vloz I did or make an Imp… so hard… the Vloz is also a Vel’akar Berserker, dunno if that would fly.

  2. Tsac'Tuo says:

    I want to ask you i don’t have a PtP account not anything else. But if i manage to pay (very dificult i made it in time)
    can be my cameo an OC.

  3. Pariel says:

    Lol, Randiirk will be pleased. Cute companions!

  4. Ali says:

    Tainting sickness??? That’s pretty concerning D:

  5. junglefowl26 says:

    What an adorable guard.

    Best of luck to her in the siege.

  6. Whispering shadows says:

    Why not have concept art offer on all the time? Just the concept art mind you. I bet alot of people would like a character of theirs drawn but either lack the skill to do it themselves or are just to to lazy. Just a thought.

    • Kern says:

      Because by itself i would charge more than 50$. As it is meant to help me draw their character accurately, i charge less for the work. Same for the shirt, its 10$ off in the bundle.

      • Whispering shadows says:

        ………… *goes back to attempting to teach himself how to draw* (note: I make a baboon look like Picasso)

  7. AthenAltena says:

    She’s quite cute under the helmet. And “tainting sickness” doesn’t sound good. :(

  8. midnightbast says:

    Yay first princess!

    First Naga cameo and first Demon cameo. I’m on a roll. Mwahahahahahaha!

  9. Smokehammer says:

    She’s gorgeous, gratz to Sunny =D

  10. Loth says:

    For some reason her armor reminds me of the Kyorl templars

  11. Tsuris says:

    blarg! I wish I got the concept art for Tsuris’Lok >_<

    • Tsuris says:

      hell, I may end up getting a demon prince cameo of myself as well as my current one… though myself interacting with my character would be… odd….

    • Kern says:

      Concept art: You can send the 50$ manually , since you’ve already taken the cameo, it’s no problem. If you do take the cameo, send me any details you feel is important about him and i’ll try to include them in the concept art.