Arc 2 book 1 pre-order included the option of having a cameo in Moonless age. An offer that 19 people took.These contributors appeard through chapter 35 to 38 in various roles from simple guardians of the Sullissin’rune dome gate to Vloz’ress scourges hunting the sarghress troops in the streets of North cliff. Due to the popularity of the concept, we make this cameo offer available once again , for the upcoming chapter 39 that feature both imperial guards and Kiel first foray in the current era. Prince, princess, scourge, summoner, demon, knight, dragonrider, overseer, these roles are all available. The cameos being restricted to one chapter only guarantees a much faster appearance, and the roles being restricted guarantee a more meaningful role. Be assured that the story will not changed to accommodate characters backstories, instead they are there to enrich the story, by bringing individuality to characters who would have been “faceless” otherwise. See it as a story based commission of your character, as a sponsorship of a page or simply see it as a way to be part of a greater project.

The service has a cost which will help fund the studio. On top of the original cameo offer, we now make concept art available, avatar and the Demonic princess shirt available.

CLOSED! Next wave of cameo will appear when chapter 40 writting phase begins!

The offer end in the week of the 18 to 24th june. Whenever chapter 39 is done being written.

To explain what the offer entails.
-Cameo : Your character will appear in the story under the role of your choice. Where he or she will have at least one page exposure and one close up. Depending on how well your character fit the story, on role availability and plain luck. Your character can have many more pages of exposure. Such as the two Vel’Sharen in the second part of the Nuqrah civil war arc whom had a 15 pages story with Chrys’tel and nau’kheol. No deep backstory required ; A name, a skill, costume and weapon of choice, a brief summary of personality and a reference picture(if any) is all that we need.
-Concept art : Available to those who wish their character to be exactly as they wish or who do not have references of any kind. The character will be drawn and flat coloured to your wish. Under the limitation that the appearance fit the role. The concept art of Maki serve as a good example.
-Avatar: Chibi in a box. Painted by Kite, this picture will be made in a format suitable to be used as avatar and made available on the forum. This Faen is a good example.
-demon princess shirt : Printed for a convention in july, this shirt is available as a pre-orders to the female supporters of Kiel. A shirt of the size of your choice will be shipped on the 16th july. Shipping is included in the price which is a 50% discount over the regular price. Sorry no men shirt available at this time. If this offer is popular, we will seek to produce alternate designs for chapter 40 cameos.

FAQ: (If you ask a question through a comment, it will be added here)
-When can i expect my cameo?
Answer: In july or august.
-I have a cameo in chapter 35-38 already, can i re-use the same character here?
Answer: Sadly no, it wouldn’t make sense in the continuity. A character that appeard before must follow the same arc. Sarghress legionaires will need to wait for chapter 40. Sharens in nuqrah will not return till later this year. Etc.
-Ah rats, I wanted to have my scourge show up again >_< Answer: Ah, the two scourge cameos might be the only ones re-usable. But they will not be on Kiel's good side if they are re-use. If you are fine with this, you can re-use them. -I heard that Pariel cameo have not appeard yet. answer: He's an imperial knight from the arc that was cut out of book 2 to be moved to the third. The very same that is now available for cameos. We will make sure he get a prime role for his patience. On top of the free concept art. It is important to us that we satisfy our contributors. -Will we be able to just order a Princess shirt at some point? Answer: Yes, in july. -I have a tei'kaliath character, can he or she be a cameo, even if it is not-canon. Answer: Yes, as long as you agree to fill one of the available role. Then it is about the character , not the "tei'kaliath" origin. Such as Minalia and Calin who appeard in chapter 38


60 Responses to Chapter 39 cameos – limited time

  1. midnightbast says:

    Whip wielding princess!!

  2. Tsuris says:

    Ah rats, I wanted to have my scourge show up again >_<

    • Kern says:

      You do bring up a good point. Your and Cabolg might be the only two re-usable cameos… Sure you can have him, just as long as you’re okay that he wouldn’t be on Kiel’s good side.

      • Tsuris says:

        His being on anyone’s good side would be a new experience for him I think XD

        • MEK1724 says:

          “just as long as you’re okay that he wouldn’t be on Kiel’s good side.”
          Hell , I flipped a coin over whether or not I’d request that she kill mine ….. I got the live side 6 or 8 times in a row. XD

          • Tsuris says:

            *Cacbolg and Lok return from North Cliff*
            Kiel: Hey! *kills Cacbolg to get the other’s attention*
            Lok: Well that was rather rude…

            your character’s death would result in Lok getting stuck with a less then happy Kiel, alone.

            Don’t let him die and leave Lok by himself with an angry 4th wall breaking crazy woman

  3. Nadjah says:

    Wow, expensive ;_;

  4. Sonor Val'Illhar'dro says:

    I wish I could pay in chunks :(

    • Kern says:

      I beleive paypal has that option. To pay in installements, but i am not familliar with how it works.

      • Smokehammer says:

        I think its an option you add to the site, but I dont know if that would be wise unless you can set it up to receive all the installments before you drew/confirmed anything since I think customers can cancel in the middle. I seriously doubt Sonor would do that, or any long time readers but since its open to everyone you might get burned. There’s like billmelater too (on the customers end) -but thats a credit card basically.

  5. KittyH says:

    Will we be able to just order a Princess shirt at some point?

  6. Catriana says:

    If only, if only! I have a scourge-potential character (related to one of my Tei’kaliath) but until my financial situation stabilizes, I can’t afford it. I am curious, will there be other opportunities for cameos or will it depend on how many participate this run?

  7. Exastiken says:

    Guess I’ll be waiting for the next batch after this one to see if there are Jaal or Sarghress roles :P

    • Kern says:

      Sure, chapter 40 or 41 will give you the chance of having Sarghress.

      • Exastiken says:

        When will chapter 40 & 41 cameos be available? An estimation would be fine.

        Also, will there be chances for Val’Jaal’darya?

        • Kern says:

          August maybe, Jaal’darya is being written by a new author right now for Solandy to draw. I don’t see any Jaal’darya cameo run within the next year, sorry!

  8. junglefowl26 says:

    Imperial Guard eh? Very interesting.

    So tempting…but man, I really don’t have the money to spare…..*cries*

  9. Kalhirst says:

    I know it is unlikely, but could you keep the possibility of TK character paid cameos in mind? Even if they’re just Faceless #122 with the Nals, I know several ptp members (myself included) who would happily pay the $150+ for noncanon Moonless Age cameos. :)

    I hope you guys get lots of cameo takers!

    • Kern says:

      Hey Kalhirst. Actually, Meck submitted a Tei’kaliath for the cameo. In chapter 38, Minalia and Calin were tei’kaliaths too. You can submit yours, he or she just cannot appear as a “canon tei’kaliath”, as you expected. He or she have to be part of either faction that are offered.

  10. Whispering shadows says:

    meh I dont see an opening for the character I intended, maybe il wait.

  11. Shadow says:

    Wish I had the extra money for something like this, but doubt any Nals would fit well in those situations anyways. I guess if I did have the money I could have Vighuss do something for Kiel, but I think for now I’ll sit back and watch.

  12. mime says:

    Just a question, is it possible to insert as cameos original characters from DayDream, like for example there are some OC from SA who didn’t appear yet in the story/or maybe there’s no plan to have them appear in DT, like Rasp, Kran, Mei, or other girls, or someone from that Mad Wolves golem squad?
    I don’t have my own character in RP or PtP cause I’m not interested in such feature too muchto invest time in it, so it would be easier, and in a way cool to see them doing something in DT like Kyne was implemented into the story as part of Sillice Sharen and then trainer of Ariel.

  13. NeoDarklight says:

    Ahahaha… ha. I don’t have that kind of money, and even though my birthday is the 22nd, I still won’t have that kind of money in time for the deadline. So instead, I’ll just root for the cameo peoples. Especially the demon princes/ses. Since they are already us.

  14. Whispering shadows says:

    Yeah I’m gonna wait, no sense in doin it now when the character in question isn’t ready in the first place.

  15. Tiam says:

    Wow! Even more cameos! This will be very interesting to see! But I won’t be able to have one, old story, no money.

  16. Aleria vilrath says:

    Ah damn …..too expensive at the moment … i hope this offer comes again sometimes

  17. Kail' says:


    I was actually interested in this cameo offer tbh. Problem is, I'm about 10-20$ short in my PayPal. It'll take a week just to get enough and I'll probably miss the deadline by then. =(

    • MEK1724 says:

      I think you can also pay with any of those cards under the “Buy Now” . (this may or may not help you , depending on your bank balance/existence of your bank account , where you fund your paypal from, and how exactly that whole thing works)

      • Kail' says:

        Clicking Buy Now goes to a paypal payment summary screen where a credit card, if added through paypal would display there. I don’t have any c-cards, so i have to wait the duration of seven business days.

        If the writing of the chapter really does take until the 24th of June to complete, then I ‘might’ make the deadline.

  18. vernes says:

    Does the golem pilot at the Sullissin’rune dome gate have a reason to be in the next chapter?

  19. Aerisa says:

    I would like to feature one of my OC, however they do not belong to any of the great clans. Will there ever be an occasion to feature members of a small clan? (perhaps during Snadhya’rune’s peace talks, if they are featured?)

  20. Jair Ohmsford says:

    Oh how I wish I had enough money to make a Cameo character….. How depressing. :(

  21. Yevren says:

    I wish i had the money to make one x.x

  22. Legion499 says:

    Sigh.. its times like these when not having money hurts the most…
    I posted on Kiel’s Facebook (Brian Engel) Before coming here through the link on the page.
    I’ve checked my empty wallet 3 times in the last 2 minutes hoping something will magically appear. XD

  23. Wod'rar says:

    Wait will there be the same offer for other clans? and if yes who is coming up?

    • Kern says:

      The offer is based on the chapters. 39 is limited to those two group that are relevent to the story. You will have to wait for chapter 40 production to begin to know what the next cameo offer.

  24. Ardarious says:

    Hmm. An interesting concept. Ive just been reading this wonderful story from first chapter to here, in the span of over a few days. I was enthralled when I began reading, watching Ariel and all of the other drow children growing up in a age where childhood means very little, just the same as a Val title. Having read and seen what I have observed, I had began plot…I mean constructing a character of my very own. One of the houseless Drow, having no family of his own and only working for Ada. A skilled fighter with the alignment towards hard metal and controlling such. A name..for such a male would fall under Veldorian, or in various low-spoken words the ‘Mana-chain wielder’. Why is he called as such? Because of the weapon he uses is not at all typical. Not a sword..nor polearm..hell not even a Axe. Just a double-edged length of chain attached to a leather handle and used much like a whip. But, a whip with control via mana-infusion.

    I have a story written down for him, of his backstory and how he became houseless and homeless, only surviving day to day by being a payed killer or a bodyguard.

    In short, Kern..Kite..I’d like to thank the both of you and all of those who work with you on this wonderful project. Have you ever need for a male voice-over actor who work’s for free, do let me know. Skype is SiriusZitheron, email’s already posted.



  25. Guilty Carrion says:

    Question. If we’re interested in the cameos, and don’t have references, do we HAVE to get the concept art? Or are we fine just buy the cameo?

    • Kern says:

      you don’t need reference or concept art. But without them, you won’t have control over the appearance of your character beyond your text submission. In order to get the “feel” you intend, i suggest to include inspirational pictures of characters that remind you of what you wish for. It’ll give a direction to the art.

  26. Xenon says:

    i want this so badly. so very, very badly. i already know exactly what i would ask to be drawn. sigh.

  27. Subtle says:

    Could one talk it over with someone from the studio first to see if a character would be do-able before paying the cost? I have a character in mind that could either go very well or very poorly, and I wouldn’t want to pay if it turns out the latter is true.

  28. Quite honestly my favorite character of mine wouldn’t fit well for this round of cameos, perhaps for the Sarg cameos of 40 or 41 (especially if Fallen Legion show up)

    Yet the art style is all too tempting. So my question is this:
    Is there some way one can ask for a concept and/or avatar without getting the cameo? Money not being the issue.