Softcover and hardcover book featuring the first two chapters of Moonless age new arc. Professional printing, 88 pages full Color, 168.2×260.4mm, glossy cover text. Include 7 pages of concept arts. (Additional photos)

Due to rising cost of shipping the option of ordering books is no longer available.

Studio Drowtales distribute directly the Canadian orders. Signatures are free. Contact Kern for assistance with your order.

Third party stores:
Moonless age is being distributed by Diamond. Contact your local comic book store to pass an order.
If your store carry the book, leave us a note to have your store address added on this page.

Thanks to our supporters for making this book possible.


6 Responses to Arc 2 book 1

  1. Anareth says:

    Quick everyone find the online retailers and give 5 star reviews!

  2. Benny Powell says:

    For any who browsed earlier today, there was a slight bug in the system for shipping prices on international orders. This only affected one order and it’s getting a free upgrade…

    But if you browsed and thought “That shipping costs too much!” you were right. It is now fixed, so feel free to order!

  3. Sweven says:

    I got mine today and HOLY CRAP IT’S GORGEOUS! Binding seems slightly fragile at first glance, but it holds together pretty well. AND SO PRETTYY, FWAH :3

  4. Gabb3r says:

    Great book guys, very well done, love the format too!

    I’m impressed with the quality of the prints and the book overall, I hope you guys will continue printing all of your chapters that way!

  5. Emiko says:

    The book is beautiful, and I gotta admit I got a kick out of seeing my name in the back. :) Congrats, Kern!

  6. Laurie says:

    I just got my copy in the book. Fantastic job! Like Sweven, I also noticed how fragile-feeling the binding seems, but it opens and reads beautifully. With this quality of a book, with its beautiful writing and artwork, I would definitely buy again.