Softcover and hardcover book featuring the first two chapters of Moonless age new arc. Professional printing, 88 pages full Color, 168.2×260.4mm, glossy cover text. Include 7 pages of concept arts. (Additional photos)

Distribution deal fell off. If you have somehow found this page through a search, use the form below to order to any destination. We’ll cover the shipping difference.

Arc 2 book 1 (canada only)

Studio Drowtales distribute directly the Canadian orders. Signatures are free. Contact Kern for assistance with your order.

Third party stores:
Moonless age is being distributed by Diamond. Contact your local comic book store to pass an order.
If your store carry the book, leave us a note to have your store address added on this page.

Thanks to our supporters for making this book possible.


6 Responses to Arc 2 book 1

  1. Anareth says:

    Quick everyone find the online retailers and give 5 star reviews!

  2. Benny Powell says:

    For any who browsed earlier today, there was a slight bug in the system for shipping prices on international orders. This only affected one order and it’s getting a free upgrade…

    But if you browsed and thought “That shipping costs too much!” you were right. It is now fixed, so feel free to order!

  3. Sweven says:

    I got mine today and HOLY CRAP IT’S GORGEOUS! Binding seems slightly fragile at first glance, but it holds together pretty well. AND SO PRETTYY, FWAH :3

  4. Gabb3r says:

    Great book guys, very well done, love the format too!

    I’m impressed with the quality of the prints and the book overall, I hope you guys will continue printing all of your chapters that way!

  5. Emiko says:

    The book is beautiful, and I gotta admit I got a kick out of seeing my name in the back. :) Congrats, Kern!

  6. Laurie says:

    I just got my copy in the book. Fantastic job! Like Sweven, I also noticed how fragile-feeling the binding seems, but it opens and reads beautifully. With this quality of a book, with its beautiful writing and artwork, I would definitely buy again.