Silly forum users. Kau’shala using an ipad while marching in army that have a formation of giant war machine with a power armored Sillice is okay, but a music concert? That’s crossing the line!
I’ve heard writers refer to this phenomenum as the “flying snowman”. Everyone have their flying snowman when it’s time to deal with fantasy and science fictions stories. Especially when both are mixed together, which is why both genres tend to be thrown together. I have my own flying snowman line of course, everyone does, that doesn’t stop me from making fun of those whose own limit seem to have glanced over a ton of thing since the prologue! Moonless age isn’t a medieval setting, it’s a post-apocalypse fantasy setting. THAT is a medieval setting.
Back in january i’ve made the same point.
Also, if forum users want to make fun of someone pulling X make no sense in Y again. I’ve left the black bar blank to be filled with the silly person’s quote.

Last time i was GMing Path to power, the players were trying to build a submarine.


10 Responses to The flying snowman

  1. Pitdragon says:

    Last time I was GMing Path to Power, the players were trying to build a submarine.

    Seems legit.

  2. Junglefowl26 says:

    I have heard this concept discussed over and over again. Never heard of it refereed to as a flying snowman before.

    I think submarines show up in DayDream and Relic Hunters as well.

  3. Tsuris says:

    RH has had some weird stuff in it… including self operating golems that fought like ninja robots, a preview of the death flowers seen in the main archive, giant mana sucking plants, a hologram projector into what looked like a computer, a turtle golem that functioned a sub marine, people that got frozen during the middle of a toast at a party through some sort of magic ritual gone wrong, unscrupulous business women, hallucinogenic drugs , and video crystals with porn on them….

    Granted, a lot of this stuff was from the last age, and a lot of this technology was lost, and there’s always the argument that RH isn’t exactly canon, but a lot of this stuff seems pretty cool!

  4. Petra says:

    Wow submarine? Were they successful? Would be pretty cool.
    Now I realy want to join PtP

  5. BlackFulcrum says:

    Lol, excellent way to bring the point across Kern.

    Submarine….what Submarine?

    *whistles innocent tune while trying to look inconspicuous*

  6. Minalia says:

    We in PTP were not building a submarine. We were basically trying to build a golem like tank capable of navigating the waters of our small river to collect algea for our food supply. We did not exactly took into consideration the weight of the vehicule that sank straight to the bottom of the lake yet kept going forward since the pilot was still able to move it. A shame that little harvester truck went Kaboom!! during the black sun siege but we gonna build another version of it soon.

  7. Iawaris says:

    Those people who believe that a music concert has no place in a medieval fantasy setting have clearly never heard of bards.

    The Illhar’dro have the gift of magic music, so WHY NOT.
    I think the amplifier is the least of their problems.

  8. Alric says:

    Hey, if they have musicians, and the technology to make a soundstage/amphitheater, I don’t see why not. I’s not like we haven’t seen drow Ipods in the past, or seen some pretty outrageous stuff in Relic Hunters and Path to Power. Hell, the combination of sorcery & super-science existed way back in early 20th century pulp fantasy stories.

  9. DPG says:

    I never realized until just now that Kau’shala was using an iPad in that scene. This is EPIC.

    Also, submarines in PtP? Even MORE EPIC.

    Finally, silly people who think you can’t have concerts in a Medieval Setting? Dude, it’s a fantasy webcomic about elves who live underground and summon demons. Disbelief is suspended at some point around SATURN at this point.