Mimaneid, most readers know the name, they know it’s a major nation to the east. Recent chapters refer to it as having problems as well, especially with the black sun hordes coming the east they’d be the first to be struck. But that’s it. The Slavemaster story did explore the city once though none of the designs were canons. this picture above is the closest thing, the first design ever for i’ve never drawn a Mimian before. Mimaneid is a vertical nation, going from the tip of a world tree’s roots all the way up to it’s upper branch where colonies are long established. Also where a dragon live, one as old as Diva’ratrika, Mimaneid’s own immortal figure. One that was not backstabed however. For Mimaneid while being a very martial nation full of strifes where no single clan ever rule for long, where duels take place very often in the street… is also a traditional minded nation. Nuqrah is progressive. Mimaneid conservative. Chel is somewhere in the middle. Both in mentality and geography. In Mimaneid , rivals clans fall, get absorbed or enslaved, then the master clan fall, the slaves are then absorbed into the new clan, prisoner are freed then sworn and so forth. Duel are won, prize are fought, tributes are given. Queens come and go, or even King , i’m sure it must have happened at least once that some Siyah’korshed(black sun) beat up the crap out of a queen and took the role(Suntiger’s story in Daydream being an exemple of how such a turn of event could happen). Then the winning tribe just become one more clan within that ever changing nation. It’s an interesting place that will be very challenging to design.
One theme i have in mind is birds for clan symbols. Since it is a vertical nation, one you need a flying creature to send a message from one end to the other. Birds such as owl, raven and eagles being potential symbols for the clans. Duelist addorning fancy costume or covering themselves with tatoos from feet to head in order to make a good show against their opponent. With the staff being a popular weapon, one that Chelians tend to look down upon. In all this, this little chibi above symbolize a Mimian.

Starlitdragon moved characters around in the background so no one get covered. She’ll try to do the same for the other familly. I did get the note about missing gold hair. we’ll get around to fix that tomorrow.

A nice thing about tumblr is that it’s let us choose the design of the gallery. Unlike Deviantart restrictive layout. Thanks to koneko for the gallery name suggestion though putting up a logo on the tumblr seem to have removed the name.

We can’t afford to take the day off unlike the previous years but in a spurt of retro-gaming need, we went off for a hour to a local arcade. It had been a very long time since either of us played in one. The games are old but i must say the nostalgia make the experience a strong one. Even if a DDR game cost 3$ for 2 people nowaday or worse, 3.4$ in some cases . Remember the days of 25cents arcade? Best arcade machine still: AFTERBURNER! A classic.


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  1. Roses Ablaze says:


    I love birds. That’s one of the reasons why I chose the Illhar’dro as my favorite clan pre-timeskip.

  2. Finn MacCool says:

    hmm, invaders getting absorbed…
    sounds a bit like ankh-morpork.^^

  3. Dalvyserran says:

    Mimaneid sounds like my kind of place

  4. Tiam says:

    Exotic! And fascinating! Let’s move DT there in the future. At least for 5. chapters or so. Amazing place!

  5. La'karma says:

    Mimaneid sounds both interesting and a bit backwards, more tribal and less structured. I was a little confused when you were explaining the how the city works. Are there several tribes that all vie for power and only become a clan after they win, or did I get that wrong?
    Anyway, I can’t wait to see them, loving the owl chibi girl.

  6. junglefowl26 says:

    Mim is very different than what I expected. Didn’t Dhal say in the audiobook that violence didn’t erupt in the streets?

    Not that I am complaining mind you. I love Drowtales cool clan themes and over the top cotsumes, and it looks like Mim will take these factors to whole new heights.

    • Pitdragon says:

      Well, duels might not be “violence” in the sense that they may not encompass bystanders or damage property, so by Drow tradition do not fall under that category (wanton destruction = violence in this sense, looking back at historically how clan skirmishes were fought). And full-scale war might more be something related to old Clan wars (I could see not wanting to fight on or too close to the tree, for example) where they are fought away from the populace, in the open or within clan-tribe holdings alone, so they only include those directly involved.

      To the Drow, violent battles tend to be, in their mind, something that has collateral damage and no care if it spills over to those not involved. Which is why the Nid war was so heinous, and why things are so rough in Chel (and Nuqrah) now. The battle itself, no matter how many of your enemy die horribly, is just a battle and is looked at differently.

      • Kern says:

        As always pitdragon you have a great sense at understanding how they think.

        • Pitdragon says:

          The idea of masked duelists in the streets, fighting small skirmishes for the honor of their clan, is really appealing. Makes me wanna design more stuff for that low level magic setting I poke at from time to time (instead of the high-level one that I poke at from time-to-time, with my latest doodles). There were a lot of owl and nighthawk masks for a particular group in that setting, seeing your art made me think of that again.

          • Junglefowl26 says:

            Interesting. I wonder if the people of Mim see these battles as entertainment, like how a bunch of people came out with picnick baskets to watch the first battle of the American Civil War.

            Still something of a problem since Dhal compared the two cities before the Nid war, and they were the first to target civilians…though it might just be that Chelian clans fought closer to civilians or were more willing to accept collateral damage even if they didn’t deliberately target commoners like the Nids did.

      • Tsuris says:

        It’s extremely difficult to switch from Kern’s world setting for Drow, and R. A. Salvatore’s…..

        • Kern says:

          Tsuris, sometime i wonder if you’re out to troll me. That twice in a single day…

          • Tsuris says:

            there isn’t really a way I can respond to that with out it seeming like I’m trolling you >_>

          • Tsuris says:

            I said that because I had literally just put down the first legend of Drizzt book, and the way you portray your Drow is significantly different from the way Salvatore does it, I’m not saying this is a bad thing, in fact I commend you for being able to do something all your own.

            the transition from reading your comics to reading the books sometimes throws me off though (like when switching from traditional comics to manga I read the wrong way)

            No trolling was intended, Promise

  7. Jiharn says:

    Even though Mimaneid is supposed to be conservative, traditional, and consistent in its values, compared to Nuqrah is progressive and in motion, I am struck by how their positions are reversed in the political sense. Mimaneid seems to be continually in flux, with leadership constantly shifting, a clan’s position waxing and waning, the focus of authority always dynamic. Nuqrah, on the other hand, has a single clan that rules, and other clans that follow, and that’s how it stays: stable and consistent.

  8. Sonor Val'Illhar'dro says:


    Something tells me I wouldn’t like Mimaneid…