A cameo of chapter 38 which i’m drawing(and writing at the same time unfortutely) right now. I needed to tone down her high fantasy outfit while keeping theme of the clan which is that they wear medieval style outfits. The staff remain as it is part of the character design though i do not think it has any practical purpose beyond whacking misbehaving children. That’s a thing in drowtales, “wizards staves” aren’t exactly useful. Focis need touch to work, if it’s stuck at the end of the staff, you’d need to put some kind of input on the staff shaft that goes inside the shaft all the way to the stone. Expensive, hard to make and brittle. Faen’s main foci has a handle, a short one, so it can be held but she still has to use both hands for it. If people were wondering why most focis were embedded on gauntlets, now they have the answer: Direct contact with the user’s hand.

Yesterday the server crashed so we’ve investigated the shoutbox again. Valts found out that the daydream shoutbox is pulling many years of post at every refresh. 100000 posts at every visit, including guest visitors. That’s enough to crush the remaining server into the ground. Now, the shoutbox history is limited to 100 and guests may not view the shoutbox anymore. Today, the server is fine, finally, after a week of problems. So to summarize, a daydream design upgrade with a faulty line , combined with a http server having hardware issue and a datacenter poor support made for a week of fail. We’ve paid a heavy price for that week, may it never happen again.
About the Cloudflair error screen, that’s the cloud support. The server hadn’t stayed long enough for the site to be cached.


One Response to Iniiria, server issues over?

  1. Moatl says:

    Pushing 100000 post per visit? No wonder the server crashed.
    Is it possible to add the date of the posts to the in the shout-box entries, too? I got tricked by older posts (from the day before) with a time from the »future«, once. ^^°