BOOK UPDATE! They’re printed and being packaged for shipping. When? That i still don’t know. More as soon as i learn more.

Sara’hilana, a new character introduced in the Nuqrah’Shareh arc of chapter 34. Where chelians are raised with the expectation that other clans are out to get them, nuqrahn such as Sara are raised free of such concern. She may appear serious when she’s working as a courrier and in front of strangers, like most people would but in private or when she get to use her canon, she has a much younger feel to her personality. Before the civil war she had never actually fought for real, where characters such Chrys’tel, Ariel, Chirinide and Kiel had already killed someone when they were still child. In the case of Ariel, it was a very bloody bludgony killing with a mace. That kind of thing affect a person growth. A faster growth with a darker view of the world around them. When Sara think of using her canon, she does not see the death, she only see the fun of it. She does not approve of the co-pilot death, actually in the first draft of the script, she knew Lydia, thus enforced Craft’s killing as something horrible. For the sake of making the story flow quicker, this was cut out however. Taking the role of the moral objection was Nau’kheol whose own mortality awareness made him take a stance. A weak stance though, that allowed to skip a page of verbal assaults.
Sara may look sci-fi at first glance though power armor was a concept introduced as early as 2002, 10 years ago. Poorly implemented at first but still present. With Nuqrah’shareh as an opportunity to explore advanced technology further without the whole “nether weakness” to hold advances back, i refined the concept into the thing you see above. As for why you see mist evacuating the armor. In a way, you could say it give a steampunk approach but mainly it is about the concept of mana as a source of energy. When viewed by non-fae race, mana appear as mist. Not the colored plasma often showed in the comic. When dissipating, i like to use this visual approach to mana. See what escape from Sara armor as exhaust. In the case of her canon, it is also a very old concept. For what is the ball of energy drows throw but concentrated mana into plasma? Something that does not burn the hand of the person concentrating her/his own energy but that would burn anything else. Doing a “mana light” is the same concept except feathery light and not concentrated enough to burn. In the case of the canon, it is basicly something that pull out of a core the amount of energy required to make a very big plasma ball, that the canon then throw outward with an air focus push. When the core is depleted, the user can charge it back up or just replace the core with a full one. It’s not as powerful as a real canon, but it doesn’t have the drawbacks such as recoil and heavy ammunition.

Today i finished the fifth and last page of the Hermunbé project(hermionnes and halmes). Thus i’ve completed all the pages i wanted to do for the anniversary. However i do not think the pages will be colored in time for the anniversary. I’d prefer to see the best art possible instead of having colorist rush them through. I also beleive our readers would too. In any case, the feral story will be displayed on time as promised.

You may have noticed 4 5-30 minutes downtime today. Cause? 2 of them were a restart script going wrong. Because we run on one server we have the server reboot regulary to avoid the ressources issues that led to the first crash. The fourth? Not sure yet , the server came back online without prompting from Martin. Who, by the way, is curently investigating cloud hosting. It’s apparently very good and free. Sure the whole server wouldn’t be transfered there but it’d make for a great backup in case the server crashes. It’ll take a few days to test this out before it could be used for a monster-sized site like Drowtales.


8 Responses to Sara, new server upcoming, Hermunbé project

  1. AthenAltena says:

    Ah ha, I’d wondered if it was in fact Sara with Chrys and company. At first I thought it was her, but she was acting so different that I wasn’t sure, but you explain the change in personality pretty well.

    And thanks for the explaining how the cannon and armor work. I know nerds like myself appreciate it.

  2. Smokehammer says:

    Is that why Sara has “chubby” ears? She’s still a teenager? Cool about the books too, I’d say I cant wait, but I can -still Im seriously looking forward to having official hardcopy Drowtales lit in my paws =D

  3. Anareth says:

    Oh, you got the printing issue resolved? Awesome!

  4. La'karma says:

    Oh, Sara’hilana! I love you! I also love knowing how her armor works and more about her personality. It is interesting to see the difference between Nuqrah and Chel. Chel really became a sink hole with all those nether summoners, running about. They could have advanced. I also like that Nuqrah’shareh seems more balanced in terms of how people view each other, it explains a lot. Simply put: Nuqrah’shareh rocks. Chel sucks!
    – self proclaimed Head of the Balvhakara Club and Lovin’ Sara’hilana Club.

  5. Sionyx says:

    I can’t help thinking that the page would have been stronger with one of the Nuqrans calling Craft on his action instead of staying quiet when Nau told him to leave, though I understand why the change was made.

  6. Junglefowl26 says:

    I thought that the nether arts only returned to Chel recently though, so I am not sure how much they would have affected golem technology.

    Shame about the Hermunbé project, but considering how things have been, I am grateful that it can be finished at all. I will look forward to it eagerly but patiently.

    The Feral comic should be more than adequate entertainment in the meantime.

    • Kern says:

      A hundred years is not exactly recent. Though golem technology used to be more common in chel history than it was during the time of the Nidraa’chal.

  7. Pitdragon says:

    Wouldn’t have minded that extra page of verbal assault. Tensions in Nuqrah are going to increase even after the civil war, clans might not view each other the same way – neither the Bal or the Jie seem to be super happy with Nega’s openness and how she wants to handle this war. And they might find they aren’t happy with each other for the reasons why they individually dislike this path. Add in the Duskians not being a huge issue until these times, where innocents accidentally Tainted might be killed on principle due to current events, and I could see Nuqrah going through a huge tension period of its own.

    But I feel that the way you did it is also good. Nau being angry that he spared someone only to have them die anyway – helplessness, just like he has no control over the Taint that will slowly kill so many. And there still is a subtle sense of disapproval from the other two as Craft looks their way before leaving, and they’re looking toward the window as if they’ve already dismissed him and are moving on through the plan.

    Rough times ahead for our people of Nuqrah’shareh, but none can hide from change.