Thank you for the encouragements.
Chapter 33 and 34 are now available for download at the download page.

Leilani witch in training. A character from Starlitdragon’s comic project. Click on the picture for higher resolution on deviantart.
She did an artwork of Wafay and Sata. Fear the hugeness of Sata and his…flirting grin.


4 Responses to Leilani, Wafay and Arc 2 book 1 download

  1. Smokehammer says:

    You know, Loni’s Koi are probably going to be real popular with the other witches familiars. Mewahaha! =^.-=

  2. Pitdragon says:

    Daww, Sata you big goof!

  3. Duke Nukem says:

    Leilani is a place in Hawaii. I lived there.

  4. Sy'rasri says:

    Oh, Good Luck to Starlitdragon on her comic project, I already love her character Lielani.
    Also love the Wafay and Sata picture. I do hope we see them again soon.