The challenge to do a daily artwork beside my regular work was completed. That’s a lot for me, and yet i’ve still managed to produce regular pages. The goal was to renew some creativity, which had been on a very low level after the difficult second half of 2011. I do not know if it helped but i certainly feel like i produced more. Now that it is over, i may not post a new picture every day as other project may need attention, such as the 11th anniversary special to come. but for now, let continue down memory lane. Which may another method to renew inspiration in a way.

Record of lodoss war. I remember in the early days of my access to the internet, when i was very young and a bandwidth of 5k/s was considered fast, i would seek across the internet for fantasy pictures of all sorts to fill my tiny 400megs hard drive. During that search i’ve stumbled upon Lodoss war pictures and later video clips, untranslated. They took forever to download and i had no idea what the characters said but it still looked very interesting to my younger self. So much so that the second colored picture i ever made was of Deedlit. My mother probably still has it framed in a basement somewhere… Back then i had begun roleplaying with friends and this anime/comic represented what these roleplaying session could look like if brought to life. It looked serious, well drawn, nothing like the cartoons i had known.
Later on, when i’ve built connections with fansubbers, i did finally get to see the whole serie. It was my instant favourite and would make me interested in arts. However a few years ago when i’ve tried to watch the first tv serie again with Kite, to show her what it was, i’ve come to the realization that it…looked pretty bad actually. Often the animation would be still pictures or barely had any motion. Which shows how some material can easily age as time progress. Regardless of it’s aging, it’s still an impact on me.
For as i’ve said previously, a person, especially a writer/artist is built from a collection of experiences and memories. Tv shows, movies, musics, comics, videogames, books, travels, people, love… In the case of what i would eventually created, lodoss war did had a strong impact on what my early view of Dark elves. I might have heard the word from a roleplay bestiary before or a glimpse from a videogame but this was the first time that i would actually know what the term meant. They were the darker side of the light humored elvenkind , working as mercenaries for an invasion force seeking to conquer the mainland of Lodoss. They were not outright evil, but had a much grimmer perspective on the world. They had both dark intent and nobility in them. Pirotess, the main dark elf lead of the first serie of book/movie fell in love for a human knight, sacrificing herself to save him and his ideal. The second serie had a dark elf vilain hunting down the group of heroes for a very long time, and actually kicking ass unlike most generic enemies. When compared to the main cast, i’ve found these vilains of Marmo more interesting than the heroes. A feeling that i’ve witness being mirrored in many of my own readers as they would often cheer for characters that would typicaly viewed as vilain, such as Snadhya’rune. A feeling that i can understand as i do try to avoid writting vilain in the stories. Only sides, points of views, of small and great conflicts.
Another impact is the visual of this world setting. Which would help define how i would eventually portray my dark elven characters. Their ears, eyes, cloth and weapon would help build my imagination. I did call Drowtales a “manga” for many years(though the correct term is graphic novel) and it’s quite obvious there is an easterner look to the Lath and Ssu of the drowtales world. Which you can partly thanks to Lodoss series for.
I say this but before someone belittle 11 years of work by making a leap in assumption, i do wish to stress the very important point : Nothing is made of one or two source of inspiration. Every creations out there is built upon a fondation of what came before. No human being can however hold every possible experience and by taking different path, by merging our own experiences/memories, we create something new.


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