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When i drew that fantasy technology picture saturday it brought back to mind old memories. An artist, a writer, or anyone , is made from a collection of experiences. In my case, i spent all of my teenege years reading fantasy novels and playing videogames. When the week-end come, i would rent a game for 2 days and try to beat it before i had to return it to the rental place. One such a game was Final fantasy 6. I’ve beated it many times, i’ve explored every corners and watched it’s intro unfold countless time. Mechs walking through a snowfield toward a distant town, under a menacing dark sky. Already there i knew this would be different. Then starting as a character on the “evil empire” side, with overwhelming weapons, killing the rebels. Changing side, thus changing the perspective. Entire castles that bury in the desert. Airships. Advanced technologies powered with magic. Summons from other worlds. Many point of view to follow. And when i thought the game was over, high up on a floating island, the emperor falling to treachery, then the second half of the game unfold. The planet get ravaged and a post-apocalypse setting begins. To go around and find every single characters lost around the world to rebuild the group and face the bad guy. A bad guy 3 stories tall, overpowered and with a 12 minutes long music that progressively go more insane as it progress(go check the Dancing Mad track.) Followed by one of the longest ending sequence for a videogame at the time.
It did mark me and i still remember many of the scenes vividly though it had vanished to the back of my mind over the years. Now nearly 11 years after I’ve begun work on Drowtales, i can see where some of nt inspiration come from. Of course a single game does not build someone’s imagination but it was one of the milestone i think. It is one of the game that made me interested in the genre. All this have to be taken with a very important point: I couldn’t read english, nor speak it for that matter. I could only understand key words, enough to get by. Even with this handicap i did enjoy it. To me any bad translation from the original japanese would have been meaningless. It is also, to this day, the best final fantasy to my opinion. If tactic were to be part of the main serie, i would have difficulty to choose but it’s not, so…


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