World setting info dump ahead! Be forwarned.
When i wrote chapter 33-34 , i feard that our readers would think that i’ve put too much “science-fiction” element in the story. So i’ve kept close watch when particular pages went online to see the reactions. Thankfully, overall the reactions were positive. There were still a few though that seem to have difficulty to accept the concept. The thing is, these technology were always there. The prologue had plenty of mechs and giant robots involved. Nishi’kanta golems even had canons for arms. The Sarghress were attacked by a giant machine several stories tall. Sang has 4 cyborg limbs. Dvergars attacked with a barrage of canon balls. Kyne pilot a robot dragon. Quill’yate’s army have bio-hazard suits that are designed to allow raiders to survive in difficult environment, one of these environment is the surface itself. Moonless age is a setting long after an apocalypse. Salvagers did their work retreiving almost everything that was long. Cities were rebuilt. Civilisation is reborn. It’s been 1100 years! What was vegetation and wildlife had time to die and what left has evolved to grow and take over most of the wastelands. It’s a concept hard to to push through a comic without getting too heavy on details, and too much details is a barrier of entry for new readers. It is my hope that the story and characters reactions will hopefully express the concepts without the need of an heavy exposition , to the majority of our readers.
Nuqrah’shareh IS more advanced than Chel’el’sussoloth. More modern. When i was writting the character of Kyo’nne in the first arc, she was designed to be the “modern girl” in a cloak and dagger society. She was wearing a coat when Ariel was bearing a blade and wearing a cloak. She focused on finding love, while most people worried only about clans war. Through her a glimpse of what Nuqrah’shareh was could be seen early on. Now with the jump of 15 years, the problems of the underworld spread and Nuqrah’shareh is growing closer to a Chel, but with this slightly more modern backdrop. Armies are run like businesses, golems are produced in series, manatech has progress so much that you very rarely see someone wielding a big blade. You’re more likely to see an automatic crossbow/flechette gun than a blade! Balsii , “the vilain”, didn’t have an armor on and her only weapon was hidden in an umbrella. Simply because it’d be out of place for a clan ruler like her to bear a weapon in daily normal life! A sharp contrast from most of the underworld. To refer back to my original fear, i wasn’t afraid of putting too many giant machines, air foci in boots, powered armor nor boat with cannons. I was afraid that the change in culture would make people perceive these technologies powered with “magic”, or manatech, to be science-fiction unlike what they’ve seen before. Because in the end, the difference between the two is how it look like. A giant dragon robot can look fantasy, but remove the dragon trapping and you just end up with a robot.
Chel had 2 technological progress that i’m pushing in all our comics right now : cloaks are being phased out of fashion. And the Jaal’darya have brought something on the market that make smaller , more efficient golems possible to most Chelian engineers. Such as the one Ariel piloted this week. Two minor changes, which have visual impact. Culturaly, they also have the shift toward colonization, which is something that come in cycle. This week Rise of the Jaal’darya(members only) page is mostly canon. Yes the well of light existed two centuries before, it did collapse, it did made the Jaal’darya into a val clan. It also destroyed the colonization efforts for a century. Like us humans, if something goes terribly wrong , it can have an impact on the society at large. A collapse , which led to thousands of deaths among the most progressive and intelligent minds, mixed with the impact on the economy as a whole and the wars that it brought. That was a scar on Chelian society. Again not something shown in comics thus far, beside daydream, it’s just one detail among thousand that make the setting’s history.


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