edit: Correction. Small and medium shirts sent to international destinations will ship via airmail. Single order of large or extra large will go by sea.
Get a Drowtales designed shirt! The Sealers shirt feature the title screen of the videogame in a fade. The Dragon shirt feature the emblem of the Jie’yen, a clan native to Nuqrah’shareh.

Shipping is 10$ for any destination via air.

The stocks as of the 7th march 2011 is:
tshirt sealers:
L: Out of stock!
total: 13

tshirt Jie’yen dragon:
S: Out of stock
L: out of stock
XL:Out of stock
total: 5


13 Responses to Shirts : Sealers and Jie’yen clan

  1. Raziel says:

    The sealers shirt is alright, might be better if it was for the Vloz because of the red. But the dragon shirt looks incredible. I’d like to see other clan shirts made too, preferably of the Bel, the Vloz, Shagress, and others.

    • Kite says:

      <3 Someone likes my dragon shirt!
      If the shirts sell well, I will make a poll and make a new design based on what clan you guys choose. :D

      • Exastiken says:

        I like your dragon shirt too!! :D

      • Dalvyserran says:

        The dragon shirt looks really nice–I prefer it over the Sealers shirt tbh. I hope to see similar T-shirt designs for the other clans, because I’d buy a Bel t-shirt on the spot.

      • Biggjudicem says:

        I love that dragon shirt. I definitely foresee other shirts in the future

  2. LordPanther14 says:

    The Shirt is Mine! That’s getting worn as soon as it arrives.

  3. Junglefowl26 says:

    Neat clan symbol. Kind of silly for Balssi to think a clan with Loyalty and Obedience as its words to live by would support her high treason.
    What do they do anyway? Act as caravan guards for the Illhardo?

    And isn’t it a bit strange to have both Pride and Humility? I mean, that is kind of contradictory.

  4. Lee'yane says:

    The second I saw “DROWTALES DESIGNED SHIRTS NOW AVAILABLE” in the header I swear I went ” Hel yes!” I mean it, I know what I want for Christmas now.
    Although I think the Sealers design would’ve been better with white on black instead of red, at least for the Kyorls. It is their clan colors after all.

  5. suntiger745 says:

    Bought two Jie’yen shirts. Quite nice design. :)
    What I really want is a Sarghress shirt though. Hope it becomes available one day. ;)

  6. Blackshade10 says:

    Can we PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE have a Sullisin’rune shirt?

    PWEASE? *puppy eyes*

  7. Sup says:

    Daaaaamnit, should have seen this earlier.

    PS: Would having a a few actual shirts be an option, maybe with the design on the back? More a shirt kinda guy myself (that dragon design on a shirt would be beastly).