Youmacon is an anime convention that took place in Detroit from the third to the sixth november. This was our longest travel as of yet, the biggest con with 13000 attendees, our first time with Hunter, selling shirts and running a contest for the game.
A sharp contrast with Webcomiccon small venue and intimate feel, Youmacon was very crowded with long lines for most popular event. The dealer room while small had so many people that they couldn’t let everyone enter at the same time. Twice we climbed on stage to make a speech, something that we’re not good at doing especially considering my accent, in front of large amount of people. Next time I’ll see to prepare a trailer to replace our speech.

Out of all the things we’ve shown , i believe the game had the biggest impact. Gathering many curious who either watched or dared tried completing the game to acquire the prize. It’s a hard sell to get people interested in a comic they don’t know, squished in between booth, pillar and deafened by loud musics coming from surrounding vendors but a game is something that cross genre interest. We are more determined than ever to make a greater game next time.

We’ve had 8 winners. 7 of them are displayed above. A special thanks to Rain(first photo) for helping promote the game and for trying the infamous hard mode.

An insert from Kite about the Sealers promotion experience.

One of the things we wanted to do at Youmacon was to give prizes for people who beat our Sealers game, and throughout the entire weekend only 8 incredibly determined people managed to walk away with one of our shirts. This guy is one of them. He made a blog post about it so I thought I’d share. :D It’s flattering that so many people liked our Kiel banner. The eyes seem to draw people in!

I’m not very good at the Sealers game myself but I always did my best to help encourage players and give advice, especially since the game setup was sort of cobbled together with my desktop stuff. XD

I brought along my monitor (24″ IPS with beautiful colors) to show off the HD graphics, with the game running on my laptop that I use for work. Since I had forgotten to bring the mini Bamboo tablet, my large Intuos4 tablet’s buttons ended up being the game controller (with the monitor sitting on it, buttons facing out front) – I was uneasy about leaving a full keyboard on the display, and since the game uses only a few keys it made sense to leave it simple for people. (Press the green button to swap characters!)

Maybe next time I’ll bring my gaming mouse so people can take advantage of rapid fire clicking and not break their hands so much on the final level. XD

I’ll admit the convention was difficult for us at first but with the help of our handler Reva, things went better. A special thanks to Trisha who helped us for many things as well. Without them, i don’t know how we would have managed the weekend.

Hunter , our new environment painter, came with us with so much material that she ended up filling a second booth by our table. She was very successful in the dealer room.

James(Masterokiakai, daydream artist) joined us on the second day and Shadow_otm, a long time reader , came for the saturday meetup over at the Fishbone.

That’s it for 2011 conventions. If there is any places you want us to go in 2012, pass on the word to staff members of your local conventions.


10 Responses to Youmacon report

  1. Kear'naun says:

    A heartfelt cheer for a successful convention appearance *cheers* and another for an awesome report. *cheers more*

  2. midevi says:

    Hope you guys can come back next year. I was #3 to beat the game. Would have tried it in hard mode, but I had to get back to work in main events. :)

    Again glad you enjoyed yourselves at our con. :)

  3. Starltidragon says:

    Nice table set up! Wish I could click to see the bigger picture ;___; The shirts turned out really well. Looking forward to seeing what game comes out next, I’ve been playing Sealers waay too much, haha. Hard mode is… hard. I can’t beat the garden level when the three armoured demons come at me.

    Hunter has so many prints :O

    • Finn MacCool says:


    • Smokehammer says:

      Concentrate on killing everything but the Dooters before it crosses over the edge onto the board and the nether beings before they make it past the first tiles, if you can click/change fast enough to do that you should be ok, you’ll need to lay down atleast one wind foci on the center dooter to push him back, if they line up right you can plant a bomb in the middle of them but I prefer to use flame foci even if they arent on the same row. You’ll also need a one line thick sealer wall since you kind of have to let a few nether beings past you(no more than say three though or youll lack energy). The good news is once youre past the four dooters it gets way easier.

  4. Vilx- says:

    Ahh, if only there were anime conventions in my tiny little country! :D

  5. Starltidragon says:

    Wait a second- is that Tranquil in the bottom picture next to Kern? I see no mention of her in the newspost.

  6. Joshua says:

    Amazing game you guys had there. I’m number 2 in the list.