Post time jump chapter is progressing well and is the second chapter with the most concept arts so far. With only the original prologue beating it’s pre-production workload. Plenty to include in an eventual book print, which i confirm today. Chapter 33 will be printed. so does chapter 34 and so forth as now we have a decent printer which does low quantity yet high quality printing. Those who own our artbook know of the quality to expect. Yet i face a dilema, chapter 33 while having taken an eternity(pre-production wise), is a short chapter. So i bring the question to you, reader of this comic.
Would you prefer a fast turn about of short lenght books(30-34 pages), in a 5.5×8.5 format?
Or a slower , 2-3 chapters book(60-100 pages) that may be printed in a bigger format such as 8.5×10.5?

We want to give a try distributing bags at the next convention, to put our posters in, for the books and for anyone who ask for it. If you are a regular convention attendee, what would you prefer?
A paper tote bag? It has handles, but paper is fragile. Plus most of it is brown paper color.

A simple plastic bag? More solid, has full color artwork. But it’s not as convenient to put stuff in.


20 Responses to Chapter 33 ; Get your opinion known

  1. Roses Ablaze says:

    More time to build up funds = more likely to buy.
    More content = more likely to think it’s worth buying.

    No opinion on what kind of bag.

  2. waffleferret says:

    I like both paper and plastic Ideal , i’d recomend plastic , because some people like be like stuffing shoping bags in one another or in my large purse , plastic would make that easy to acomplish unlike paper bags.

  3. Finn MacCool says:

    ah, so that’s the reason why you’re thinking about changing the chapter numeration.

  4. Sweven says:

    Definitely the slow one. Just for the reason that it’ll be bigger. I love my Drowtales Prologue and Chapter 1, but they feel a bit cramped. Seeing the pages in a bigger format would be fabulous!

  5. Laurie (llemaire) says:

    I would go for the slower option – larger books are nice.

    Out of curiosity, are you planning to do any more pre-timeshift books?

    • Kern says:

      No, there is no way to print some of the old chapters without heavy editing. 31 chapters is also too much of an undertaking, time wise and cost wise. So we’ll start with the new arc.

      • Finn MacCool says:

        do you mean just text editing or also art editing?
        if it’s the former, i’ll probably get to proofreading the rest of the old stuff in about half a year.
        if it’s the latter, i hope you’ll reconsider printing the old chapters once you’ve made some money with new ones.

      • Laurie (llemaire) says:

        That’s fair! I’m glad that there was at least the DVD release and the two books. They’re quite gorgeous! I’ll definitely be picking up chapters as they’re released in the new arc; Drowtales is one of the few webcomics I’m willing to put money into collecting.

  6. Torrin says:

    For conventions I prefer plastic bags because:
    1. It’s easier to fit the bags into a suitcase with the other souveneirs.
    2. It’s less likely to be damaged by wading through the crowds
    3. The bag itself is an awesome souvenir for less picky / less wealthy collectors if it has color images of a series I like.

    The larger book would probably get more read time at home. Also it would make an awesome gift….

  7. Aerisa says:

    For chapter 33: A book with only a single chapter, but LOT’S of those concept arts you mentioned as extra. That’s what I’d be most interested in =3

    And while I will not be able to attend any of your cons, I vote for plastic bags. Much more durable.

  8. Razara says:

    Glad to hear that more chapters will be printed. I do still hope that there will eventually be a print of chapter 2, but I’d love a copy of chapter 33 just as much. :3

    Personally, I think paper would be preferable. If those plastic bags are at all like the ones given out to people when they get their badges, then it’s not something I’d want to put a poster in, or anything that might get damaged. Paper may be fragile, but if it contains Drowtales merchandise, then that’s reason enough to be careful with it. XD;

  9. yomi says:

    While I probably won’t attend a Con in America in the next years, I hope having visited some Cons in Germany entitles me to give my opinion on the bag issue. And my answer is: Depends. For books, DVD, postcards and similar things I prefer plastic bag, as they are normally more durable. For posters I definitely prefer paper bags, as posters tend to get unwanted folds in plastic bags. Most preferable I would consider a high quality paper bag (like, but I guess this option would be rather expensive.

  10. Vilx- says:

    I’d go for the paper, because it’s more nature friendly. But then they don’t make anime conventions where I live, so who am I to say, right? :)

    Btw – I’d just like to add a third option – cloth bags. They would be really expensive though, so no chance of giving them off for free. But they could be like a souvenir themselves. :) And a cloth bag is MUCH sturdier than paper or plastic, and can be folded to put in a suitcase, and can be reused like a zillion times, and…

    Oh, yes – big comic book. :)

  11. smokehammer says:

    I’d go with the standard 6 5/8″ x 10 1/4 (17cm x 26cm) comic format if you’re going big. That way standard bags,boards and boxes will work with the comics. I guess you could use magazine preservers, but I dunno I like to keep my comics in comic “type” stuff. If it was soft cover manga-ish (read pocket book like) then I guess it doesnt matter, but to me, comics should be comic size, for what its worth.

  12. Nachtling says:

    comic books: big is better!

    bags: plastic, with a cool drowtales design!!

  13. DragonElfWarrior says:

    The slower option; that way you get more packed in, more Drowtales, and then you can read it for much much longer. Plus it would be worth the money spent on it.

    As for the bags..ah…this is my dilemma, the world uses so many plastic bags already that I’d try to push for the paper one (hey you can make it just as nice as a plastic, the design can be very creative!), that way you can recycle it if you decide not to keep it. I know a lot of my plastic bags from the cons..well..they’re like any other plastic bag, and get thrown out so much easier.

    For durability though..the plastic would be better to carry the books, since if you buy more than one book it will get heavier and the handles wouldn’t last very long (the thin ones at least)

  14. DragonElfWarrior says:

    Oh, and also for the book: I like the 8.5/11 size since you get to see all the detailed effort much MUCH better. Plus your prologue and chapter one are that size…I’m a person who prefers consistency in a book series =P

  15. Naelyss says:

    For the comic I would go for the slow version. Volume-like, you could say :) ex: Volume 1 chapters 33-35
    For the bag I would go plastic. It shouldn’t tear and you can put heavier things in it (such as all the Drowtales merchandise). :)

  16. I’d personally prefer larger, better quality books at a slower release rate…I’d rather see every little detail in each page rather than a longer book with crammed-looking pages cluttered by speech bubbles and such.

    As for the convention bags…plastic is cheaper and more vibrant/resilient, but paper is better enviromentally and is more ‘customisable’, especially it if was signed by one of the DT studio members or has a drawing on it by them, as well as having DT’s official symbol on it undistorted like it would be with a plastic carrier bag (because let’s face it, pictures look a lot better on a relatively unwrinkled/ uncrumpled surfaces, plus the DT logo/printed image would be more easily recognisable because paper distorts less than plastic when carried).

  17. For the comic book, I’d say what you should offer depends on who you’re selling it to. Fans of Drowtales who already exist will want the bigger, shinier version of the book with more chapters. However, if you have the shorter, smaller, cheaper chapters, it’ll be easier to get more readers as they’ll be more willing to try it out for the smaller price tag. If you’re planning to sell to comic book stores and get new readers that way, I’d do the smaller ones, or even do both.

    As far as bags, once again, many drowtales fans will treasure the paper bags, but plastic bags are simply easier to carry around on a convention, and the bright colors will grab non-fans attention more. Which one I’d recommend is completely dependent on who you’d rather cater for.

    The artbook actually relates to that a little. Artbooks are FANTASTIC, I personally love them, but the target audience of artbooks are people who are already fans. Definitely seems like the type of thing to sell online (despite the heavy shipping) instead of at a convention.
    There’s also the possibility (for those willing to wait) to sell to US fans from a US post office when you’re already in the us for a convention. (I don’t know what the sizes are, but the us post has some flat rate boxes that might cheapen shipping a bit.)
    I am, however, a touch biased, because I am interested in art books, though I prefer having a better idea of what’s in the book before buying. :P