Sketch of an attempt at doing a size comparaison between some of the drowtales races. From the small 20 centimeters locust to the 2.75 meters tall dokkalfar woman. Like on earth, this is a median for the height, and in no way a strict rule. Everybody have different sizes. Quain’tana is as tall as her race’s ancestor and Yakuise is small for a Ssu. There is regional difference to be considered, the genes and how well the person was fed during his or her growth.


19 Responses to Height chart

  1. Sonor Val'Illhar'dro says:

    Dark elves=giants xD

  2. Cory says:

    Not really giants. It’s normal for animals (and people) that go into certain environments like caves, islands, etc to become smaller over time. It’s called insular dwarfism, and its an evolutionary response to reduced availability of food and resources. One spectacular example is the hobbit-sized homo floriensis found in Indonesia, descended from much larger homo ancestors, or the extinct dwarf elephants once found on Crete, Malta, Sicily and Cyprus. I wouldn’t be surprised if the dokkalfar, after moving underground, shrank over time in order to adapt to their new environment and became the drowolath and drowussu.

    • Finn MacCool says:

      the drowussu are descendants of light elves.

      • Pitdragon says:

        Vanir are probably just a bit shorter than Dokkalfar (and probably reverse the genders) which is why you get the Drowussu height difference. Neat though that the Hermione are taller than the Halmes and Emberi.

  3. Roses Ablaze says:

    What does it say next to Hermione? I can’t read it.

  4. Duke Nukem says:

    We’re all the same height in bed.

    Well… except the locust.

  5. NeoDarklight says:

    Kern, could you please type out the names of the races? Some of them are hard to read.

    • Roses Ablaze says:

      I can read all but one. Left to right: Locust, duergar, feral, kotorc, halme/emberi, hermione/???, drowussu, drowalath, noz, dokkalfer, dragon.

      • NeoDarklight says:

        Actually, I’m now certain it says “Ferovian”. Whatever that is, I don’t think it’s been mentioned before.

  6. Alric says:

    Woah…drow are even taller than I first thought. (the average dokkalvar female is some 2.75 meters tall!?!? O_O)

    • Pitdragon says:

      Yeah, I figured Drow females could rival the tallest of basketball players (they do look taller than 2.25m in that graph, however), I didn’t expect Dokkalfar to be so much more taller though!

  7. Runes says:

    Wow, Diva must have been the same height as Quain or something XD

  8. Whizzard says:

    Average hermoine male is 2 meters tall? Whoa. O_O

    So far we have been thinking that drow are of our height and halmes are really really short for somereason but it’s the toher way around. Halmes really are our height and drow are giants. xD

  9. Finn MacCool says:

    hmm, why is the hermione’s height difference between the genders so much bigger than the other races’?

    • MEK1724 says:

      The sex-dimorphism variation isn’t actually that different from what you find in real life among people , though the explanations for that just boil down too, “it just is…evolved that way or something ” , ” they don’t feed their women as much in other countries” , or ” a bunch of tall guys settled far away from home and picked up some short women along the way” ( Y chromosomes partially code for height so the men could remain taller then the women for much longer then a generation or two).

  10. Jane says:

    They aren’t that tall…just you people who are short :P

    Now you know how i feel!! *grumbles at her 6’10*

  11. Durlyn says:

    Dark elves were frickin brutes! HUGE O_O