DVD case above.

Order the dvd compilation of Moonless age chapter 0 to 30 for 15$. The dvd will be shipped weekly . Bonus content will be : Videos of the DVD cover illustration and Nuqrah’shareh concept art being colored. Photoshop brushes used by the artists of Moonless Age. Illustrations and Concept Art. Chapter 9 tenth year edition. The quantity of the later will be determined by the space available. If we can, we will also include the original file of the painting recording. Regarding CBR : Readers wishing not use a comic book reader software, the file will be extractable like any other zip file , for the jpgs to be individualy readable.

No paypal account required to pass an order.
Please read carefully the options available to make sure you pass your order for your territory. Choosing canada when you live overseas will result in a cancelation of your order!
To the USA: (5.30$ shipping)

To Canada: (Shipping : 2.5$ shipping)

To Europe (7 euro shipping):

To any other international destination (9.50$ shipping ):

Thank you for your support.


44 Responses to DVD compilation

  1. Razara says:

    Can’t wait to buy this at the convention. The cover art is stunning! The brushes and concept art will offer a great opportunity to create some more Drowtales fanart.

  2. Dice says:

    looks awesome, I never regret supporting DT. Unless I’m an moron that picks the wrong currency for payment… ^^; sorry Kern…

  3. Runes says:

    I’d order it, except since it’s merchandise German postal customs would be all over it XD

    • Kern says:

      Check your local postal service limit and we’ll match the limit to ensure your package arrival.

    • Moatl says:

      I am from Germany, too; and I ordered several items from the States and from Canada (including Drowtales). Until now I never got difficulties with the German Customs authority; the (local organized) German tax authorities doesn’t bother this.
      (Explanation in German: Zoll (engl.: customs) und Finanzämter (engl.: “bureaus for tax affairs”) fallen prinziell in den Aufgabenbereich des Bundesfinanzministeriums der Finanzen, aber: Der Zoll ist eine Bundesbehörde (Bundeszollverwaltung), die Finanzämter fallen unter den Aufgabenbereich der Finanzministerien der Länder).
      I’ll order the DVD in any case. In the worst case I have to do some explanations to my local customs bureau in Plattling.

      • Moatl says:

        The costs are 12,25 € at the moment. It’s almost next to nothing at all. »advertisment ending ;o)«

  4. Kirik says:

    A quick question, I assume the package is marked as merchandise, is there a chance it could be sent as a gift from private person(to avoid customs problem)?

    • Kern says:

      Postal service will charge you custom even if something is noted as gift. The value field is what they look at. In this case, 10$ should go through any borders. But if you confirm otherwise, i can write 5$ or 2$ for your order.

  5. Aerisa says:

    CONCEPT ART! *_*

    Believe it or not, the concept art was my favorite part in the prologue comic book. I was actually quite sad when I found out there weren’t any in the Chapter 1 book. Hopefully this one will be full of them =D

    • Razara says:

      The concept art was my favorite part of the prologue, too. :3 The captions, in particular, were fascinating to read. The chapter 1 book does have some concept art, though the pre-ordered downloadable version of the first chapter came with a few additional concept arts that didn’t fit in the book. Concept art is what I’m looking forward to the most for the DVD compilation!

      • Aerisa says:

        Yes! I completely agree. The captions and other various notes provided a very nice insight into the creative process and allowed me to understand some things I had missed simply reading the comic. =3

  6. Kear'naun says:

    Well, I never had trouble with customs when ordering something from overseas. But then I don’t quite live in Germany. Well now to patiently wait a month (and a few days). Hmmm … *goes to spawn camp the mail man*

    • Runes says:

      Yes. German postal customs are special. I’d also like to ask if it can be marked as a gift? I don’t want to pay again in customs.

  7. Kite says:

    is there a price ceiling for merchandise before you’re inflicted with custom dues? For example, in canada, the maximum is around 30$ before you’re hit with taxes.

    • Kear'naun says:

      Regulations of the European Union says that since sometime 2008 up to € 22 you don’t have to pay neither import taxes nor sales taxes. For values between € 22 and € 150 you still don’t have to pay import taxes but have to pay sales taxes.

      At least thats what I could read up on the Austrian government page. Should be similar for Germany and the rest of the EU. And actually thats a lot more complicated then I though. *wipes sweat after reading legal texts*

    • Hamilkar says:

      On this lovely website they say the ceiling limit is 22 € for Germany (down last point – in german only)
      No idea if it is with or without the 19% VAT but for 10 € it should cover both cases :)

    • Runes says:

      Having been to customs recently several times, I can quite certainly say that there is a 19% tax on every merchandise, and if it is just a few cents.

      • Kear'naun says:

        Well apperantly Germany is really different in this case then. Never had to pay VAT for any used books I ordered from the US. But the € 22 ceiling for small merchandise is optional. Meaning EU countries can implement it, or not. *shrugs* Well you could make a trip to Canada, in that case you should be able to bring a lot more merchandise home with you without tax issues. Now if just flights there were a dozen a dime … =^_^=

        • Runes says:

          All right, I’ve just ordered it. I guess the worst that can happen is that I wait in customs for 2 hours XD Let’s see what they do to the package XD

          • Kirik says:

            I too just ordered mine.
            Worse thing is I’ll have to go to local customs office, but since value is below 22 € I hope I won’t have to and it will be dealt within normal postal services.
            The cover just made me buy it.

          • Kite says:

            I’ll wrap it in a pretty, happy paper :D

  8. Finally convinced my mother to lend me the cash to buy this, I have a feeling I won’t regret it ;D

    Concept arts <3333

  9. toonhead85 says:

    Quick question, I wanted to buy this for one of my e-readers (nook color), does this work with cbr’s from the android market or a standard pdf reader?

    • Kern says:

      We can’t test it on android. As we do not have access to any of such device. PDF readers read files of the same name only. Kite’s CBR can be uncompress like any zip file to get access to all the jpgs sorted properly. A comic book reader would be able to read this file and display the pages directly. Even an image viewer that can read compressed document such as acdsee would do.

    • Kite says:

      Do a search in your android app market for a CBR reader – if there isn’t one that supports CBR natively, you can take the CBR format and extract the images, allowing you to convert it into any format you like. :) There are free desktop CBR readers out there (ComicRack is the one I am going to be testing with, specifically), but I chose CBR specifically because it seemed the most widely adaptable.

      You may likely need to convert it into a different format anyway – the weight of over a thousand high res pages equals several gigs!

      This weekend, I will make sure I document this so that the DVD will be as accessible as possible. :)

  10. Tiyev says:

    Say, speaking of formating to something that can play on an android phone, maybe in the future this could also be turned into an e-comic book as well, so people can purchase it and read it on an e-book device. Not right away necessarily, as that process might be a headache, I wouldn’t know, but it is worth considering.

    • Kite says:

      I wish I could offer every widely used format on the DVD, but there’s only so much space! XD

      The e-book option is something I did look at before, but the quality wouldn’t be much different from what you’d get on the website (again, due to size issues). If your ebook reader allows you to upload books to it from your computer, you could take the CBR comic and change its format (and size) to match. I’ll include conversion documentation when I do my write up.

  11. Runes says:

    I saw that sneaky poll at the side! I imagine those posters won’t come with the DVD orders? Because I totally dig posters XD

  12. Vernes says:

    How do I get more than one in one order?

    • Kern says:

      Unfortunately postcanada charge twice the shipping price, even when combined, if not more. Perhaps there would be a small saving to combine and ship through USPS but this i cannot garantee. Nor could i garantee it would pass custom untaxed if they are combined. Plus they come with individual boxes. Sorry, the only way is to order them individualy multiple time. If it turn up to be cheaper than expected when shipping, you may ask for a partial refund, it is not our intention to make any money out of handling the packages.

  13. Krystal says:

    Hi! You said that this DVD has “higher resolution CBR files.” Well the Moonless Age archive images are 825 x 1275 in size.

    What are the dimensions of the images in the DVD compilation?

    If they are larger than the archive files, is the resolution natively higher, or is it just an upscale from the 825 x 1275 images?

    Basically, I want to know what kind of visual improvement I’m going to get with the .CBR files vs. the free archive downloads.

    • Kern says:

      The files on the dvd are the same quality as the download. If you seek the dvd for something higher quality than the download, then you do not need to order it.

  14. Jair says:

    I have never actually purchased anything from this site before other than a month of path to power, but I see the price set as $13 which is quite inexpensive in my book. I may actually end up buying this.

  15. Mcmouse says:

    hey, i just clicked the link from the paypal site after confirming payment and it said “Error The PayPal information is not for a subscription.” what does this mean >.>?

    • Kern says:

      We’ve had 80 order go through till now. The bug you encountered might be temporary. I advise to try again.

      • Mcmouse says:

        aye… but i don’t want to pay again, i even got the email confirming the payment.

        • Kern says:

          if you received an email from me confirming your payment, then your order went through successfully. You are roland Turner i beleive? I see your order in the list.

  16. Zeige says:

    Bah im putting my stingyness to the side and ordering regardless! I love DT and I want to help make sure you can keep doing this!(even if its only a small contribution) Keep up the great work DT Team!

  17. ShadowKatt says:

    I already know i wont reget this buy, I love DT, keep up the awesome work!!! =^.^=

  18. jonwii says:

    Does this Moonless Age DVD have voice acting in chapter 0-30?