14 Responses to Sillice fashion

  1. Razgriz says:

    Sillice is looking a lot like Quain.

    Just… blue.

  2. Eh'rin D'rak Tei'Kaliath says:

    Ahh, the ‘original’ Ice Queen is looking as good as ever!


  3. MEK1724 says:

    It seems she has similar fashion sense to her mother. How sweet.

  4. Kirik says:

    Someone is damn sexy in here!
    Ice Queen look indeed.

  5. Runes says:

    Oooh Sillice~~ <3

    I like that she has a wooden hair brooch. It looks kind of adorable XD

  6. Kail says:

    Sillice graces us with her sexy presence once more! <3

    Looking forward to seeing her in the manga again. :3

  7. Alric says:

    Neat…the wooden brooch is a nice touch. It figures that drow nobility would use wood as ornamentation! :3

  8. AthenAltena says:

    Ah yes, Sil’lice, fashionable and functional.

  9. Smokehammer says:

    Coat armored with what? Chain mail? The easiest way to kick her ass would be to drop her in a lake. She couldnt get the cape and the overcoat off fast enough to swim for sheet. However given shes an Ice Sorc, she can just walk on water so its not much of an issue (or she could just pick up the lake and beat you with it).

  10. Sonor Val'Illhar'dro says:

    SIL’LICE! -glomp- So fashionable!

  11. Razara says:

    Sil’lice is as skilled at looking pretty as she is with ice mana arts. Love the outfit. <3

  12. razorburn645 says:

    Very nice, good job!

  13. Adelor says:

    she looks realy cool!(pun intended)