A challenge to design a Feldian. They share too much with chel to have a distinct look but there should slight difference. Such as the hood should not have holes for ears, else rain would hit the ears…slide in…and into the neck. Nobody would want that!


13 Responses to Svala

  1. Durlyn says:

    AWESOME character design! Is Svala a male or a female? Either way looks tough and mysterious, and the unicorn mount looks tough with that curved horn :D

    I always thought unicorns were exclusive to the Kyorls, but we’ve seen alot of people using them lately, or were all of those dawmere? How does one tell a true unicorn from a dawmere? or are they literally the same species of animal but with different names?

    • Kite says:

      there are unicorns? I don’t recall XD they’re all a type of dawmere, a kind of big friendly goat. :)

      • Durlyn says:

        Oh my bad, sorry, I thought that unicorns were still canon in this setting as the Kyorl’s clan animal, didn’t realize they’d been replaced by/renamed Dawmere.

        Thanks for the info though Kite! “bows in thanks”

  2. Roses Ablaze says:

    Will this character be appearing in any archives or is s/he just an idea?

  3. max_black0 says:

    Is Svala the person or the dawmere?

  4. suntiger745 says:

    My money would be on Svala* being the drow (look at the hips and the proportions of those nice legs). And an awesome design too. Will be interesting to see a Feldian (or is that Snadhya’s private playground by now? :P).

    If I recall right, the dawmere are the unicorns. Didn’t Ariel or someone call a horse “hornless dawmere”?

  5. Junglefowl26 says:

    Awesome design.

    From Felde as well…that was an awesome city, and I am glad to see it getting more love.

  6. Kirik says:

    So a female from Felde?
    First thing which comes to my mind is an assassin look, and hot legs :P
    So either she will be associated with Snadhya or she will be a rebel against Snadhya rule in Felde…
    Or nothing from above.
    It will be nice to go for a while to Felde in canon setting.

  7. Sonor val'Illhardro says:

    Thought it was a Kyorl for a second but then I saw the skin tone. I love all of this exposure to new characters and designs! I can’t wait to see a glimpse into Mimaneid or Nuqrah’shareh

  8. Najah says:

    Looks like the white-version of the Diablo 3 Demon Hunter!