Moved a story arc out of ch31 to 32. moved one from ch32 into 31. Resulting into 3 more concept arts to be done.

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21 Responses to Abyte Mae’yukir

  1. max_black0 says:

    Another mae’yukir eh?good to know we’ll be seeing more opf them!
    abyte looks sad though…

  2. Runes says:

    Oooh, I love the design of that guy’s face! Very handsome ^^

  3. Suntiger says:

    I like the design too, but guy?
    Look at the hips and the torso. Abyte looks like a female to me. :)

  4. Kirik says:

    I too will vote this is very handsome female a la Quainy :P
    Hips, breasts area, points to a girl.
    Kern really should make designa without armor ;)
    Well few artworks before we saw really girly guy, a body of a male with a female face so here we have opposite effect.

    • Smokehammer says:

      In the “girly guy”s defence I think that was because he was supposed to be very young still.

    • Durlyn says:

      Quainy’s way more feminine than this lass, especially in the face department XD

      Don’t get me wrong, I like her design and what not, but her face does look a bit manish

      Glad to be seeing more of the Maeyukir, is she a daughter of their devess or just another recruit? Or maybe she was born Maeyukir?

  5. Sonor Val'Illhar'dro says:

    Such sadness. It seems she may have had a third eye or possibly a gem on her forehead before hand, or perhaps the tattoo of her order. :(

    • max_black0 says:

      That may have been given to her by the Kyorls(as punishment), before the maeyukir managed to escape.
      The same way the maeyukir devess was blinded.

  6. Whizzard says:

    I like her, handsome. ^^

    Reminds me of Merrill from Dragon Age 2.

    • suntiger745 says:

      Heh, I too was reminded of Merril. It’s the face and hair design. ;)

      • Whizzard says:

        Plus she wields a staff (both are polearm weapons) and when you romance her, she get’s a white armor with plate parts. xD

  7. Ari Mae'yukir says:

    Yes! Another Mae’yukir! Well met my fellow house member :)
    I think that she looks very nice, and not to manly, but rather hmm… a little boyish.

    Kyorl’s mark of heretic on her forehead indicates interesting past. I wonder if she’s not an ex warden? One thing is certain – the poor girl been through some tough times.

    I noticed that swords symbol on her armour differs from other’s Mae’yukir. Is that a sign of some sub-faction in the house? a special function? a rank maybe?

    • Tsac'Tuo says:

      Well she has red eyes so she is tainted.

      Now the question is the mark on her forehead was made by the Kyorl’s or it was made when she join the Mae’yukir.

      • Ari Mae'yukir says:

        I think that in one of old podcasts Kern mentioned that similar mark that Itan’sha has, was made by Kyorls – when they tortured her as heretic.
        What’s interesting is that in Abyte case it’s likely that she was branded before she got tainted, because otherwise Kyorls would rather kill her on the spot.

  8. max_black0 says:

    I was wrong earlier.

    The mark was made when she fell over and hit her head…

  9. Durlyn says:

    Is that a sealing stone on her halberd? Or a foci?

  10. Punzil says:

    “Here, Tainting does not make you evil.” – Sker, Chapter 18. Let the speculation about an Abyte/Tir’ade ship commence, lol. I thought at first that her mark looks similar to that of Tions house, but that wouldn’t make sense. The De’vess of Mae’yukir has a mark on her forehead as well.