The ptp infamous Siyah’korshed. Or at least generic tribe members.

Just one more concept art to go.


14 Responses to Mercenaries

  1. Roses Ablaze says:

    I guess vultures on society (as Snadhya describes them in a contest story) don’t make much money. I am intrigued by the turtle shield, though.

  2. Sonor val'Illhardro says:

    THESE bone-wielding, turtle shield carrying, and scrap-covered unarmored runts tried to attack Chel’el’sussoloth?!
    I would root for Snadhya and the Nidraa’chal if they attacked the Siyah-khorshed.

  3. Reva says:

    Must have taken a lot of those guys to make such a mess on PtP, they look very precarious on the equipment side…

    It’s just me or their ears are different?

  4. max_black0 says:

    You call these “Generic Tribe” does this mean the black sun is seperated into different tribes?

    Also is would seems that these guys would pose much of threat to Chel, considering what a powerhouse the sarghess and sharen are.

  5. Junglefowl26 says:

    Ah, these guys. Very interesting…the ones working for the Dragon rider had more uniform clothing. Perks of being a merc I guess.

    So we’ll be seeing some of these guys in the main comic? I can’t wait!

  6. Durlyn says:

    Fear us…For we are the TURTLE SHELL CLAN! MAHAHAHAHAHA! >8D

    LOL XD, as a Teikaliath I despise these clowns but I admire their creative use of bone weaponry :D

  7. Alric says:

    Hm, looks like the Black Sun aren’t very advanced…they must rely on trade or loot to obtain steel weaponry and armor (and/or the rank and file just don’t have access to them). Interesting…reminds me of the back story for my Am’saag Sarghress subhouse, which has the Am’saag as a similar clan of barbaric raiders who were conquered/absorbed by the Sarghress and now serve them.

  8. Xenon says:


  9. Whizzard says:

    Huh, if these are generic members then those who attacked us Tei’kalaith were the cream top of their clan? :/

    *hisses at the Black Sun*

    • Durlyn says:

      May I join you in your hissing against the Black Sun scum fellow Teikaliath? “hisses” >:3

  10. Xalgoz says:

    The ones we fought had a 2-story golem siege engine, combat engineers with mana grenades, air/earth/cold mana abilities, wardogs similar to the Sarghress wolves, healers, standard and exotic steel weaponry (claw gauntlets, swords, spears, axes), and standardized scalemail armor uniforms. These guys are a weaksauce tribe or something.

  11. James Rye says:

    Hmhm, looks like they are really hundred thousands of those BS. :/
    Looks like we were lucky to only had to fight a *scout army* in PtP.^^;
    I hope that after the last concept art we will get more infos about PtP 2.0. :3

  12. Adelor says:

    Is it me or they have a more black/blueish skin tone that normal drow,it kinda looks like Xuil’solen(did i spell it right)skin colour.

  13. Eh'rin D'rak Tei'Kaliath says:

    Eh’rin: RRRRRARGH!!! HATE! HATE! HATE! B*asterds killed my little brother!

    awesome turtle-shield tho…